ROH – Rising Above (4.29.12) DVD Review

Posted: July 11, 2012 in 2012, ROH


1. All Night Express vs. Chris Silvio & Mohammad Ali Vaez

Comparing ANX’s match with HoT from the previous show I must say that it was disappointing and I’m not saying it because it was against two unknowns but it’s just that ANX don’t have the killer instinct that they deliver when they wrestle the likes of Briscoes or WGTT. I didn’t get into it much as I wanted to even if I like ANX.
Grade: D+


2. Michael Elgin vs. Sampson Walker

Typical squash by Elgin who is by my book a candidate for the breakout star of the year award. I was impressed with Walker’s performance, I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.
Grade: C-


 3. Kevin Steen vs. BJ Whitmer

Just an average match that could have done better for the most part as these two veterans are top notch and masters in their game. I expected a lot more from them but the chemistry isn’t there as opposed to Steen vs. Generico or Whitmer vs. Jacobs.
Grade: C-


 4. El Generico vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Very good looking match on paper. It did deliver for the most part but the DQ ending really killed off the momentum and it doesn’t look good on a highly expected match with two top performers.

Grade: C


5. Mike Mondo vs. TJ Perkins

Mondo is getting more support with every performance and this match with veteran Perkins helped him get more over. It’s an ok match at best since there is not much expected with Mondo. Perkins, in my opinion, is the doomed carpenter ant that does a lot of the hard work for its colony and can make a masterpiece with it’s art but doesn’t get the credit he deserves.
Grade: C-


 6. Two out of Three Falls
Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal

These two have really been giving stellar performances as of late. I find this match a whole lot better than their match at Showdown in the Sun night 2. Strong and Lethal are among the elite performers in the indies that should catch a break and be back on a mainstream level and would do good on the TNA’s X-Division. Very good performance by both competitors.
Grade: B


 7. ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
Briscoes (c) vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

This was just a train wreck, and I mean it in a bad way. 0 chemistry is delivered in every match between these teams and they’ve been at each other all last year which is not a good thing. If I were ROH I’d keep these two teams separated and start pushing WGTT more individually since it would be something fresh and stop the wheel from turning for these men. I don’t think I need to explain more on this match.
Grade: D+


8. ROH World Championship Match
Davey Richards (c) vs. Adam Cole

One word, WOW. This match was amazing on many levels. There are times that young up and comers shine big and this is a perfect example of just that. Adam Cole along with Michael Elgin have gotten a huge rub within the eyes of the pro wrestling fan base and it’s all thanks to their common denominator, Davey Richards. Richards title reign might not be that hot considering that most of the time it’s been defended against the same two people for almost a year and his abesence from injury and japan tours killed all the momentum that he created by chasing the title. However, this match with Adam Cole really was something special with the classic champion vs. underdog match up. The intensity in Adam Cole was perfect and by holding on his own reminds me of Tyler Black years ago as he ran a similar path of being the overachieving underdog. Say what you want about Davey, but you can’t deny the ability he has to bring the best out of people regardless the person.
Grade: A

In conclusion, this card was mixed. It two awesome matches, two terrible matches and the rest average at it’s best. Three matches had the potential deliver good to great but they didn’t. I guess the reason was so that the main event’s story would be told for a long time. Whatever the case, good job on ROH for giving a decent card but they really need to do something about their tag division as it’s slumping.

Verdict: 7/10


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