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PWG – DDT4 2012 (4.21.12) DVD Review

Posted: August 31, 2012 in 2012, PWG

*WARNING* I usually don’t do spoilers regarding matches because I strongly believe giving out the result will take away some excitement away from the spectator and my mission is for everyone to invest on the product. However, this show is a tournament and in order to give a detailed review, I have to make the exception so I can progress all the way through but I’ll keep the finals a secret. I know most don’t care about spoilers but just for those that do, you’ve been warned.

1. First Round Match
Fighting Taylor Boys (Ryan Taylor & Brian Cage-Taylor) vs. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)

This opener was as fun as it could ever be. Cage once again is the MVP of this match. A lot of double team moves that got the crowd on fire and this is just the beginning.
Grade: B


2. First Round Match
The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky) vs. Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly)

This one served it’s purpose with a lot of diversity in styles. Very solid performance with Future Shock making themselves at home in PWG with their hybrid style of MMA/Scientific Wrestling. Dynasty are always a win when they’re teaming, especially Joey Ryan who can mean business when the situation applies.
Grade: B-


3. First Round Match
2 Husky Black Guys (El Generico & Willie Mack) vs. Roderick Strong & Sami Callihan

CZW’s Sami Callihan makes his PWG debut and is paired with a very interesting partner in Roderick Strong. I love the way Generico’s team is named 2 Husky Black Guys because it’s paying a homage to his old team with Human Tornado called 2 Skinny Black Guys. This was an impressive debut for Sami Callihan in the west coast with his unique offense. There were a lot of stiff shots fired and a perfect execution of hot tags. Must Watch!
Grade: B+


4. First Round Match
Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

WOW! Two of the elite tag teams North America has to offer collide. These two teams are the most experienced tag teams out of everyone in this tournament. Nothing can go wrong here. SSB have been out of the radar for over a year now and emerging out of nowhere in PWG was a definite surprise. As the previous match above, this was outstanding. The dynamic of each partner is top notch providing a crisp performance.
Grade: B+


5. Semifinal Round
RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) vs. 2 Husky Black Guys (El Generico & Willie Mack)

Comedy Central hits again. However, it went to business quickly and Mack was going hard on the Monsters. Goodtime & Yuma were very strong here and cemented their place as a respected tag team. This is definitely the weakest match of the night but it still was very fun and enjoyable to watch.
Grade: B-


6. Semifinal Round
Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied)

If the show just couldn’t get any better we now have this bundle of joy. Stupefied was amazing in this one and reminds me a lot like Generico when he was a regular with Kevin Steen. Cole & O’Reilly were out to kill in this one and almost took out Stupefied’s head. Must Watch!
Grade: A-


7. PWG World Championship
Kevin Steen (c) vs. Sami Callihan

WOW AGAIN! Just as this tournament wasn’t enough, we get a World title match. A Dream Match so to speak as these two are some of the notorious brawlers in the independent scene. This was as just as you expected to go, however Callihan having wrestled before sure drained out of him to come out a beast. Don’t get me wrong, Sami still had gas on the tank to go after being in a brutal match with Strong, Generico & Mack. He sure got everyone their money’s worth and I would definitely want to see him back in PWG in the very near future.
Grade: B


8. Final Round
2 Husky Black Guys (El Generico & Willie Mack) vs. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied)

Super Smash Bros. have proven that they’re a whole lot more than a video game gimmick. Stupefied once again steals the show and his exchanges with Generico are pure crisp. Mack & Uno exchanged a lot of shots that were returned respectively and brought the raw power for each team. You can’t ask for more here, even more when they’re following their own respective matches earlier in the day.
Grade: B+


Final Thoughts:

I’m at a loss for words. The best tag team wrestling the world has to offer for just a $15 bargain. Imagine a baseball game and the home team at bat hit 8 consecutive homers out to the highway. PWG once again pulls an amazing show that left everyone and I mean EVERYONE satisfied one way or another. Show of the Year candidate.

Verdict: 9/10

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1. Peter Avalon vs. Kevin Steen

Originally Steen was going to defend his Tag Team title with Super Dragon in a Fatal 4 Way. However Dragon is out due to injury so the card shuffled a bit. It was an OK opener where it was completely one sided.
Grade: C


2. Ray Rosas vs. Brian Cage-Taylor

Cage really improving and becoming a more diverse competitor. He gave a lot of heavyweight offense on Ray. Rosas on the other hand used his speed and agility to counter strike Cage’s arsenal. Good performance by both men.
Grade: B-


3. Candice LeRae vs. Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan paying homage to Andy Kaufman by dressing as him….LMFAO! Aside from the look impression, this wasn’t as good as their previous matches and was so weird that I couldn’t even take it seriously. This match is a baddie.
Grade: D-


4. TJ Perkins vs. Scorpio Sky

Pretty good by all standards. Sky has come around with a new arsenal of MMA type offense that sure blends well TJ who is a Play-Doh. Great to see these PWG veterans go at it once more.
Grade: B-


5. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) vs. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

These were part of the cancelled Fatal 4 Way, so why not have it a Triple Threat? WOW!  All I can say is that Tag Team wrestling has reached a whole new level of competitive spirit.
Grade: B+


6. Alex Koslov vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Koslov makes his return to the independent circuit. O’Reilly is a bit inconsistent at times an can pull a bad match. This was decent to say the least but it didn’t look right. Not only to mention the dead crowd.
Grade: C-


7. Willie Mack vs. Roderick Strong

Last time they fought, they had a VERY stiff war. This was different from the previous encounter as Roddy wanted no part of the strike exchange and use his experience factor to neutralize the Black Chipper (lame joke attempt I know). Enjoyable match that is easy to sit through and can give a good spice to the PWG secret sauce.
Grade: B-


8.PWG World Championship
El Generico (c) vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Kevin Steen

Originally it was Generico & Edwards however Steen showed up and got the management’s approval and is invoking his rematch clause by inserting himself into the match making it a Triple Threat. No one minded so they went down to business right away. Everyone had their moment of showcasing their stuff and tore the house down. Reminds me of the first ROH main event involving Bryan Danielson, Christopher Daniels & Low-Ki.
Grade: B+


Final Thoughts:

This is a very consistent show but it’s weaker than the past 5-6 events so it’s not bad at all. I have to clarify a few things here regarding this event. I watched this event with my best friend and he was saying that the crowd pretty much ruined the show. I usually don’t mind the crowd interacting because when I watch wrestling I’m glued into the action and ignore my surroundings on TV that is, Live is a whole different ballpark. The crowd is an essential element in the success of pro wrestling and without us, they wouldn’t be wrestling today. My view on this is that if the wrestlers participating in the match can’t get the crowd moving then they’re not fulfilling their purpose as they’re the ones that are paying to see them perform live. The crowd often is the driving force of the wrestler’s fighting spirit to go that extra mile. On the other hand, you can’t deny good wrestling when you see it and for a dead crowd to ruin the show for you is something that doesn’t make sense when you’re watching on TV.

Verdict: 7.25/10

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PWG makes it’s debut on Dimension  Ω and it’ll be the first of MANY reviews as I’ve been a follower of the promotion for the past 6 years and there is a lot to cover for this puppy.

1. Fightin’ Taylor Boys (Ryan Taylor & Brian Cage-Taylor) vs. Famous B & Chris Kadillak

Brian Cage has become one of my favorites in PWG giving solid performances in single action and definitely the breakout star of the team, no disrespect to Ryan who is also a solid performer. Lovable match that fulfilled it’s purpose.
Grade: C+


2. BxB Hulk vs. Jimmy Susumu

Dragon Gate invades PWG throughout the whole card and this one kicks off. Susumu is no stranger to PWG, he has done crusades in the past and even competed in BOLA 5 years ago. Hulk is one of the elite wrestlers in Japan who made an impact in the States as the first ever champion of Dragon Gate USA. There was a lot of mat wrestling here that can be appreciated and did a stellar performance to second the show.
Grade: B-


3. Davey Richards & Harry Smith vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Harry Smith being part of the WrestleReunion convention in LA was invited to replace Eddie Edwards who couldn’t make it to the show. He sure made an impact not feeling out of place and using big man moves to toss around the Bucks. Richards was cooperative and did a few of his Dynamite Kid rages that were acceptable. Bucks are so effective as heels that PWG were geniuses of pulling the trigger on them. Pretty good match.
Grade: B-


4. Naruki Doi vs. Willie Mack

Another Dragon Gate elite makes his presence notice who’s also not a stranger to PWG. This was very good and definitely one of the Mack’s best performances of his career. Doi is such a natural in professional wrestling that at times looks like he’s not even giving much effort. I agree with my best friend when he says that Willie needs to become one of the best by performing as one and not feeding off of the elites if he ever wants to be taken seriously elsewhere.
Grade: B


5. Peter Avalon, DEMUS 316, Ray Rosas & Joey Ryan vs. Cedric Alexander, B-Boy, Candice LeRae & Mascarita Dorada

Comedy Central in all it’s glory. This was quite similar to the occasional Mexico openers where you have 2 teams of 1 wrestler, 1 midget wrestler, 1 female wrestler & 1 exotic (gay) wrestler. Great to see B-Boy back in PWG as he’s one of the originals back in 2003. Very good combination of talent here.
Grade: B-


6. Blood Warriors (CIMA & Ricochet) vs. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)

Dragon Gate kingpin and 2007 BOLA winner, CIMA, has taken Ricochet to Japan as his protege and helped further the young stallion’s career. RockNES Monsters are one of PWG’s regular tag teams that are having a string of great matches and it’s only a matter of time they become Tag Team champions. This one was very explosive from the start with many highspots and double teams and ended in the same fashion. Must watch!
Grade: B+


7. Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Roderick Strong

Another Dragon Gate elite. Mochi is one of Dragon Gates veterans that are like wine, better as time passes. Very known for his stiff strikes and faces an American counterpart in Roddy. As their reputation says, it was stiff, hard-hitting and eye cringing. I have my worries for Roderick Strong but since PWG is 100% wrestling, he’s right at home.
Grade: B


8. El Generico, PAC & Masato Yoshino vs. Kevin Steen, Akira Tozawa & Super Dragon

This was INSANE. None of the Dragon Gate participants here are strangers to PWG either and being involved with 3 of PWG’s own is a masterpiece. Dragon still has it and picks up where he left off slapping and bullying Generico all the way. Tozawa found the spark he needed to become a star and it’s thanks to PWG and has been on a role and made sure he gave back to the promotion. PAC has been jacked but he hasn’t lost an ounce of his super human agility and his constant pairing with Yoshi is no coincidence. Steen is well just being himself here and served as the mouthpiece of the match. Must watch!
Grade: A


Final Thoughts:

PWG has been on a rampage for over a year and a half pulling off amazing shows staying true to professional wrestling. This was another example of that statement. A lot of stars from Dragon Gate participated throughout the whole card and gave an extra spicing to the delicious recipe. However, my only complaint here is the lack of pushing the locals. It has been effective in the past and you can see it now with Mack & RockNES monsters. But that’s about it. The Taylors are there but they’re never far back in the cards. Outside from that, this is perfect.

Verdict: 8/10

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1. Rhett Titus vs. Mike Sydal

Decent opener where they both fulfilled the purpose of an opener. It started off a bit slow but it picked off.  Sydal is pretty good but he needs his own identity if he wants to get over IMO.
Grade: C+


2. Jay Lethal vs. Mike Mondo

Mondo is getting better and facing a guy the caliber of Jay Lethal can only do him good. I enjoyed this one pretty much.
Grade: B-


3. Samson Walker, Chris Silvio & Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. Tony Kozina, Shiloh Jonze & Adam Revolver

OK match that dragged a bit. Samson impressed me the first I saw him and I think I’m not the only who is behind him as the crowd was eating his every move.
Grade: C


4. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Tadarius Thomas

This one was hard hitting and it left me wanting more out of these two. Thomas impressed the hell out of me. I can see him fit the ROH mold and make a career there.
Grade: B-


5. Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini vs. BJ Whitmer

I’m kind of mixed about this one. It’s almost the same match up as the one before but with two veterans this time around. It’s like watching the same match but 10 years later. Still pretty good though.
Grade: B-


6. Michael Elgin vs. Silas Young

These two are no strangers to each other as they been headlining wars in AAW throughout this year. This was a phenomenal match that had very little flaws. Must see!
Grade: B+


7. Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino w/ Truth Martini

Rematch from Border Wars. This one was a bit better and I can see and appreciate Rhino in ROH as a top menacing force. I’m pretty sure he’ll clash with Michael Elgin someday that could be a match for the ages.
Grade: B


8. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs

This was a war! Briscoes love to fight and Steen & Jacobs are no strangers to getting their hands dirty so this blended pretty well with everyone. Mark being the risk taker does one mean and nasty spot off a balcony that’s worth the watch alone. Very good main event.
Grade: B+


Final Thoughts:

This one surprised the hell out of me. In a million years I’d never say this was gonna be a good event. The crowd enjoyed the show from start to finish and you can tell that they’re essential for a wrestling match. Another hit by ROH and should keep it up as they been having not such a hot year like I said before.

Verdict: 7.75/10

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ROH – Live Strong (6.30.12) DVD Review

Posted: August 31, 2012 in 2012, ROH


1. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Jay Lethal

They kicked it off immediately with O’Reilly interacting with the crowd often who were taunting him from ring bell to ring bell. Lethal is like Play-Doh, he can fit on any mold. Very fun opener where a lot of dynamic sequences were executed to perfection.
Grade: B-


In Ring Segment – Immediately after the match comes out ROH CEO Joe Koff to the ring and is surrounded by the ROH wrestlers as he gives a special tribute and ward to the Living Legend, Bruno Sammartino. Bruno gives a speech and raps it up quickly.


2. Adam Cole vs. Pepper Parks

Parks makes his ROH debut against the newly crowned TV Champion, Adam Cole, in a non-title match. I’ve seen Parks in a few NWA shows and he’s a solid performer. They did a pretty decent match, nothing outstanding but it can be appreciated.
Grade: C


3. Four Corner Survival Match
Mike Mondo vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria vs. Mike Sydal vs. Kenny King

It’s enjoyable. Everything you would expect from these men was delivered. Maria is smoking!
Grade: C+


4. Eddie Edwards vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/Embassy

I loved this one. Ciampa is still growing into me and is seemingly getting over with the crowd now. Back and forth action for the most part and it’s really good to see these two showcase their talents.
Grade: B


5. BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs

I thought my eyes were deceiving me but that’s not the case. Whitmer and Jacobs are going at it one on one. For those that don’t know, Whitmer & Jacobs were once ROH Tag Team Champions but dissension between them made them bitter enemies. They had one of the most memorable feuds in ROH history that should be profiled some day on a DVD. Some of the most dangerous spots I’ve ever seen were performed by these two like Whitmer Powerbombing Jacobs to the crowd. This match kicked off where it left the last time they fought and never lost touched with each other. Very good chemistry between the two. It could have had more time but still it left a really good taste in my mouth.
Grade: B-


6. Rhett Titus vs. Charlies Haas

I’ve said it in the pas that Charlie Haas tries too hard to get a strong reaction that it eventually explodes on his face and this one was right on the money. Not enjoyable at all.
Grade: D+


7. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The House of Truth (Michael Elgin & Rhino) w/ Truth Martini

Elgin & Rhino on the same team is amazing. The two big men gave a huge pounding on Dem Boys. Really good tag team match that had innovative spots on Elgin’s part and was very accepted by everyone’s standards.
Grade: B-


8. ROH World Title Match
Kevin Steen (c) w/ Jimmy Jacobs vs. Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini

Solid main event that was surprisingly short for a main event that averages 15+ minutes but nevertheless it was really good. Now more than ever I have to say that Strong needs to repackage himself because I feel he’s on a bubble that if he doesn’t get out from, he might not recover as a feared wrestler.
Grade: B


Final Thoughts:

This was a very consistent show that is very easy to sit through and enjoy. This is the kind of show ROH should deliver to the crowd as this formula is the one that got them where they are right now. Hopefully it keeps up this way and doesn’t drag down as this isn’t a good year for the company so far. I recommend this DVD for the sole purpose of getting your money’s worth with a solid show.

Verdict: 7.5/10

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