PWS – Pro Wrestling Superstars Toronto (4.14.12) DVD Review

Posted: September 9, 2012 in 2012, PWS

1. El Generico vs. Michael Elgin

I’m very surprised with this match’s placement as it can main event any indie show. It was a really good opener where they didn’t go all the way which is understandable. They sure go the crowd hot. Good job by the Canadians.
Grade: B-


2. Tito Santana w/Rick Martel vs. Shawn Spears w/Jimmy Hart

Strikeforce reunites for one night only, even though only one of them is competing but who gives a crap. Spears is a very good heel that could have done good in WWE if they hadn’t released him. This match was nothing special but it can be appreciated that Santana didn’t expose himself too much and kept the match going.
Grade: D+


3. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. The Great Outdoors (Grizzly Redwood & Jake Manning) vs. Adam Page & Asylum vs. Rhett Titus & Caleb Konley w/Leah Von Dutch

This was very enjoyable where everyone took a turn for the spotlight and blended very well with the crowd. I like a lot the teaming of Titus & Konley, maybe Titus could one day be part of the Scene and lead the pack.
Grade: B-


Piper’s Pit – Rowdy Roddy Piper comes out for his infamous Pit  and is interrupted by Caleb Konley, Konley takes over the Pit while Roddy watches and interviews Bruno Sammartino. As any regular Pit, the questions get more juicy and then BAM! full attack mode. Despite being heavily inactive, both Piper & Sammartino are two of the most respected professional wrestlers out there and the Toronto crowd acknowledged it which made this segment feel more special.


4.Fit Finlay vs. Harry Smith

This was a really basic match where holds stiff strikes played a major role. It started off slow but it picked up really well at the end. Harry definitely is on the correct path on honing his skills in the indies and against a veteran like Finlay can only do nothing but good.
Grade: B-


5. Vader vs. Necro Butcher

A little Deja Vu may I say with Vader facing off a current version of Cactus Jack. Just as you would expect from these two, they kicked the living hell out of each other with very stiff flurries. Unfortunately it was set and done for in a blink of an eye. Smart move to book it this way for the obvious reasons but still entertaining for those who can appreciate their craft.
Grade: DUD


6. Dominic Denucci & Shane Douglas w/ Bruno Sammartino vs. Lord Zoltan & Shawn Blanchard w/ JJ Dillon

For those that don’t know, Denucci is Douglas’s trainer. Douglas was hilarious poking fun of JJ Dillon for managing Ric Flair, huuuuge history there that will be enlightened on another day. This match was very short which is a good thing considering the veteran team’s current state.
Grade: DUD


7. NCW Female Fatales Championship
Kalamity (c) vs. LuFisto

NCW is a promotion from Montreal, Quebec. I’ve seen both ladies wrestle before in Shimmer and other places and they’re top notch. I was very impressed with their performance here. Both girls demonstrated that they’re just as good and passionate as the men are. Strke exchanges, chain wrestling, just about anything you can see from a typical driven match like in Ring of Honor or Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Really Good Stuff!
Grade: B


8. Roderick Strong vs. Jushin Liger

Perhaps one of Roderick’s biggest matches of his career, of not The Biggest. This was very highly competitive from star to finish just as you would expect from both men. Liger a couple of years shy from hitting 50 can still go like if it was 1995 again. The real winner here was the crowd present to see such a legend perform right in front of them. Must Watch!
Grade: A-


9. Extreme Rules Match
Tommy Dreamer & Rhino vs. Raven & CW Anderson

Just your typical ECW match that can be appreciated by those who were fans of it. There was wrestling, flying toys, arena tour but none if it felt special. Not a bad match by any means but certainly not the best you could have seen.
Grade: C


Final Thoughts:

This was as good of a show as the WrestleReunion show, perhaps even better, as a show and not a wrestlefest. It had a very well rounded performance that can please everyone. I love these show’s that Pro Wrestling Superstar’s have been doing on the Wrestling Convention, brings you a high variety of wrestlers, stars & personalities. I highly recommend this show along with their LA show from January.


Verditct: 8/10

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