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1. TPI First Round Match
M-Dogg 20 vs. Ricochet

This was OK, there were a few spots blown by a toddler Ricochet but it’s all good. To my understanding it’s M-Dogg’s first match IWA-MS match in a few years so it must have been special.
Grade: C


2. TPI First Round Match
Colt Cabana vs. Mike Quackenbush

Scientific Wrestling 101. These two have been rivals for years and always define mat wrestling every time they step into the ring.
Grade: B-


3. TPI First Round Match
Chris Hero vs. Ricky Reyes

Hero is a uber-heel in IWA-MS sporting the ROH & Chikara tag team titles around his waist. Reyes was impressive here and it kills me that he’s not as good in ROH as we was here. Good contest.
Grade: B-


4. TPI First Round Match
Hallowicked vs. Scorpio Sky

I believe this is their first ever encounter but I could be wrong. Honestly I couldn’t get into this match as much as I wanted to knowing these two well but we all have our ups and downs.
Grade: C-


5. TPI First Round Match
Trik Davis vs. Erick Stevens

This was alright, Davis is a interesting little fella and Stevens showed a lot of potential for a rookie which put this match as a proving ground for the big man from Florida.
Grade: C+


6. TPI First Round Match
El Generico vs. Chis Bosh

These two are no strangers to each other as they wrestled a dozen times in PWG. Fortunately, they excelled very well and clicked with the crowd instantly showcasing PWG talent all the way. Bosh is a very underrated performer in my book and it’s a shame that he no longer participates in pro wrestling cause he had something.
Grade: B


7. TPI First Round Match
Davey Richards vs. Jigsaw

Richards makes his IWA-Mid South debut. As much as I love both Davey & Jigsaw, this didn’t click with me very well and it’s quite understandable as Davey has yet to find that intensity that he is known for and isn’t as versatile as he is now. Not a bad match whatsoever but I was not expecting that much awkwardness in the match.
Grade: C+


8. TPI First Round Match
Roderick Strong vs. Brandon Thomaselli

I enjoyed this match to the fullest despite the short timing. Thomaselli is as good as Sal & Vito and make quite a cohesive trio. Strong is at his heaviest here and chopped the shit out of Brandon.
Grade: B-


9. TPI First Round Match
Kevin Steen vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio did the same as Hero and sported the ROH & Chikara Tag Titles. They kicked it off immediately and had a quick straight to the point match which I can’t find words to describe how very executed it was for being under 10 minutes.
Grade: B-


10. TPI First Round Match
Low-Ki vs. Gran Akuma

Jesus Christ, this was stiff and brutal. These two reminded me of Jushin Liger vs. Great Sasuke from the Super J Cup. Words can’t describe what I saw here. Amazing Japanese Junior-Heavyweight contest.
Grade: A-


11. TPI First Round Match
Delirious vs. Scott Lost

This is Lost’s Mid South debut and it’s against Mid South’s own, Delirious. This was a very good contest where Lost is as dynamic as Superman and Delirious is right on the money with his IWA crowd.
Grade: B-


12. TPI First Round Match
Arik Cannon vs. B-Boy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Cannon is a hit & miss for me. Fortunately he was right on track and with B-Boy who is always a warrior. Fine match.
Grade: B-


Final Thoughts:

This would be the counterpart or should I saw original incarnation of what we see today in PWG & CZW known as Battle of Los Angeles & Best of the Best respectively. This was star powered till the core. Of course, then some of the stars who reign supreme today were still in the early days but you can see how much potential we they have. I definitely recommend this DVD along with the Night 2, which I’ll review soon.

Verdict: 8.25/10

You can get this DVD along with more IWA-Mid South DVD’s on Highspots and Smart Mark Video.


1. Delirious vs. Go Shiozaki

I was a bit worried with the opposite styles clashing in disaster and thankfully I was wrong and a decent opener was given. Go played along with Delrious’ shenanigans to the humor of everyone.
Grade: C


2. The YRR (Kenny King, Sal Rinauro & Chasyn Rance) vs. Bushwhacker Luke, Alex Payne & Dingo

The YRR stands for “Young, Rich and Ready for Action”, they’re regulars on ROH’s then sister-promotion, Full Impact Pro. This was nice and dandy and it’s always fun having an old-timer do a match once in a while in ROH. This was alright.
Grade: C


3. FIP World Championship
Roderick Strong (c) vs. Erick Stevens

These two were scheduled for a match but they couldn’t wait and killed each other all over the building in gory fashion. This is how a feud takes place, letting them call the shots on how things will be done and the rest it’s done by itself. While there was no finish to this match I gotta hand it to both of them for making this match special. Especially in their home state of Florida.
Grade: A-


4. Relaxed Rules Match
Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) w/Lacey & Rain vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

Ever since the Age of the Fall debuted, the Briscoes have fallen prey to the enigmatic duo and lost their tag team titles to them in the process. Now it’s been six months and their blood still boil when they cross paths with each other. The tag team division at this time in ROH was the best in the world bar none. Fantastic performance and one hell of a story.
Grade: B


5. Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. BxB Hulk & Shingo

This was a perfect match if you ask me. The dazzling quickness of Generico and Hulk along with the brute strength of Steen and Shingo complement each others  styles with a flair. Amazing tag team action with Yin-Yang team of Steenerico and the Dragon Gate stars who always give it 200%.
Grade: A-


6. ROH World Championship
Nigel McGuinness (c) vs. Austin Aries

We have a rematch of their classic PPV match at Rising Above. Nigel ever since becoming World Champion he has been suffering from the many changes that come with becoming The Champion and has developed a complete change of attitude and is no longer sympathetic with the crowd and now follows his own rules. Brilliant Heel! Aries along with Bryan Danielson have been competing for dibs on a title shot and Danielson had his shot, now it’s Aries’s turn. Just like their first encounter, this was an explosive and passionate title match where you see two grown men fighting like dogs for the big fat juicy steak and above all, pride.
Grade: A-


Segment: Immediately after the encounter, Aries is approached by the Age of the Fall who are very serious in recruiting him. Aries having trouble deciding what he wants to do is being persuaded also by Tammy Sytch to join her to success offering cash and ass. Ultimately, Lacey interrupts the bid on Aries and says that she knows how to persuade him and she takes him to the back much to Jacobs dismay.


7. Dragon Gate Six-Man Tag Match
Typhoon (CIMA, Ryo Saito & Dragon Kid) vs. Muscle Outlawz (Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi)

The last time these six warriors were simultaneously in a ROH ring, they had a Match of the Year winner. This time around the teams have shifted members as time passed and new alliances were made in Japan. This wasn’t the same match they had at the first Supercard of Honor but it was not far behind in the amazing quality these six men deliver whenever they face each other. Logical choice for a main event considering the amount of talent involved and what they’re capable of doing.
Grade: A


Final Thoughts:

What a Show! This lies in history as one of the greatest Ring of Honor shows in their ten year history and definitely one that should be picked up wherever you spot it since this puppy is Out of Print. I got admit, Puroresu has always been very dynamic in their showcases and never slowdown. In my opinion, out of all the great promotions Japan has to offer, Dragon Gate is the king of innovation and the masters of the fast paced action we are accustomed to see nowadays. Don’t take my word for it, look at their matches from ROH, PWG and their sister-promotion, Dragon Gate USA.

Verdict: 9.5/10

1. Christopher Daniels vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Very technically sound performance by both competitors. A good highlight in history takes place as Daniels follows the Code of Honor for the first time ever.
Grade: B-


2. Four Corner Survival
Jimmy Rave vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Delirious

Pretty good match which is highlighted with the gag of  Three competing Jimmies. Delirious once again gives a stellar performance and shows that he’s more than just a freak.
Grade: B-


3. ROH Tag Team Champioship
Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong) (c) vs. The Rottweilers (Homicide & Ricky Reyes)

GN & The Dogs have been breathing down each others necks for a while now but never really went big. The match was OK but it never really clicked with anyone. Look at this as a side quest for the champions.
Grade: C


4. ROH World Championship
Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Colt Cabana

Cabana earned his title shot by overcoming Homicide. Cabana was back to his normal goofy self and went to scientific wrestling right off the bat. Unfortunately this match was already over before anything started.
Grade: D


5. Top of the Class Trophy Championship
Derrick Dempsey (c) vs. Pelle Primeau

The Top of the Class Trophy is a championship only held by ROH students in which they have their own division and compete on the main ROH shows to get experience and showcase their talent, which is a good concept. With that being said, it’s not expected to be a decent match considering the amount of greenness in them.
Grade: D-


Segment: Danielson is back in the ring to give everyone a piece of his mind. For starters he trashes CZW and it’s audience which composes half of the attendance. He puts over ROH and it’s students, since he’s the school’s new head trainer. He wasn’t satisfied with the outcome of his match with Cabana and wanted another challenger so he calls out Delirious.


6. ROH World Championship
Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Delirious

The insane wrestler let it all out against the champion and even blood couldn’t stop him from causing total mayhem. Danielson was a total pro and got everyone hyped for this one. Good performance by both for their strange rivalry.
Grade: B-


7. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Matt Sydal & AJ Styles

Ever since the Briscoes returned earlier in the year, they have been nothing but a thorn on every tag team’s side. This match came about when the Briscoes ruined Styles & Sydal’s title match with Generation Next. Once again they steal the house with the phenomenal (no pun intended) dynamic they provide in all of their matches.
Grade: B+


Verbal Debate
Jim Cornette vs. John Zandig

It seems fitting since both ROH & CZW wrestlers have been going at it, why not the authority figures? Not a pretty segment if you ask me since it went out of topic with Corny’s hatred towards WWE and Zandig’s inability to keep up with Cornette in subject.


8. ROH vs. CZW
Samoa Joe, Adam Pearce & BJ Whitmer vs. Chris Hero, Super Dragon & Necro Butcher

I look at this as the Inaugural Brawl that took place during the WWF Invasion. This was perfect in every sense of the word and all you get her is a war. Unfortunately, ROH loses one of it’s soldiers as Claudio Castagnoli defects to CZW and made sure where his allegiance is and that’s with his best friend, Chris Hero.
Grade: A-


Final Thouhgts:

The final stage of seven shows that compose the ROH Milestone Series was another hit by ROH. While it lacked the star power from the foreign talent, it made their homegrown performers go that extra mile resuming their war with CZW. I heavily recommend this show to go along with the rest of the milestone series.

Verdict: 8/10