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I’m in the mood to bring more to the table so let’s do CZW. CZ-Dub! CZ-Dub! CZ-Dub!

1. Shane Strickland vs. Rich Swann

This was enjoyable for the most part but it died a few times which hurt the chances of being something bigger.
Grade: C+


2. The Gulak Campaign (Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee) w/ Alexander James & Tofiga  vs. Greg Excellent & Mia Yim

Nice comedy by Excellent and Gulak made some decent wrestling but the whole Campaign posse ruined most of the excitement for me.
Grade: C-


3. Pepper Parks w/Cherry Bomb vs. Kekoa w/Sunny

Kekoa bringing Sunny in to neutralize Cherry was nice but also very random and weird. This was a bit of a mess and I’ve seen these guys wrestle in the past and they have potential but they didn’t click when they really needed to be. Also the female shenanigans ruined whatever chance they had.
Grade: D


4. CZW Tag Team Championship
The Nation of Intoxication (Danny Havoc & Devon Moore) (c) vs. Rory Mondo & Mike Mathis

Originally the challengers were going to be James & Tofiga from Gulak Campaign however James suffered a injury from Greg Excellent earlier on and the title shot was given to Mondo & Mathis. This was alright but I just didn’t get into it as much as I wanted to. Havoc & Moore are very entertaining with their beer drinking shenanigans.
Grade: C


5. Ruckus vs. Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera

This was another fun match but the outside interference killed the momentum it had. Not that there’s nothing wrong with that but it didn’t click well with this one.
Grade: C


Segment: Matt Tremont came out to the ring and hyped up his upcoming barbed wire match with CZW owner DJ Hyde. Mr. Hyde comes out in cocky fashion and calls out Tremont’s opponent for the night, Solo.


6. Matt Tremont vs. Solo

Balls Mahoney chair shot and it’s over
Grade: DUD


7. Super Smasho Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. OI4K (Sami Callihan & Jake Crist) w/Nevaeh

OI4K stands for Ohio is 4 Killers, LMAO! This was a very good tag team match that did justice compared to the not so stellar undercard. SSB wherever they go do nothing but magic and OI4K make quite a cohesive unit and definitely blend together well in terms of appearance and ability.
Grade: B-


8. CZW World Championship
Masada (c) vs. El Generico

I loved this from start to finish and it’s good to see Generico wrestle a much much larger man for a change. Masada proved that he’s more than just a deathmatch wrestler and was very good for a big man. Generico is probably the easiest guy to wrestle along Chuck Taylor cause he can blend with anyone regardless size, experience, talent, etc.
Grade: B


Segment: Masada gets the mic and wants a match with Joker. Christina Von Eerie and Joe Gacy come out and tell the champion that Gacy will get the title shot and suggested it to be a Fans Bring Weapons Match. Masada agrees.


9. CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship vs. CZW Wired Television Championship Unification Match
             Ladder Match
AR Fox (c) vs. Dave Crist (c)

I’ve seen many ladder matches in my lifetime but there are very few that tell a profound story and this my friends is one of them. These two performers  are hungry for opportunity and in this day and age not many are getting them like they should. Both have had great success recently and to have them face each other  is a stepping stone. Also adding that they hate each other with a passion makes this match even more important. These two are a couple of crazy mofo’s doing the shit they did in this match and I was cringing constantly over the craziness. But that hatred they had for each other is what drove both insane during the match and cause them to do all this crazy shit. Yep that’s a story alright. Overall, this is one great ladder match.
Grade: A-


Final Thoughts:

CZW has been prominently and proudly presenting themselves as a deathmatch promotion. Focusing a lot on the deathmatch element made very famous by ECW back in the 90’s. But like it’s predecessor, the word wrestling was never ignored and often featured great wrestling from all over the world. This show was a good example because witnessing Masada ditching the crazy mofo for a Hernandez athletic big man and deliver a good match with one of the best wrestlers in the world today. But I must be honest, most of the show was quite hard to sit through over the constant smudges that ruined the fine wear of potential but thankfully it was saved by the last three matches. I admire and tip my hat to CZW for having the ladder match as the main event because it benefited both Fox & Crist for good exposure and future opportunities and it benefited us to end the show with a bang. I recommend this DVD just for the final three matches but it’s well worth the watch.

Verdict: 7.25/10

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SHINE – SHINE 1 (7.20.12) DVD Review

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Let’s try something new this time around. So far I haven’t done Women’s Wrestling shows so why not. Nowadays there’s a lot of variety from numerous places around the world so let’s begin with Shine.

1. Kimberly vs. Veda Scott

Both ladies represent WSU & Shimmer respectively. It was an OK opener, nothing to special but served it’s purpose as an opener.
Grade: C


2. Tina San Antonio vs. Santana Garrett

This was alright. Heard nothing but good things from them so I was satisfied so far.
Grade: C


3. Allysin Kay & Taylor Made vs. Su Yung & Tracy Taylor

This was a bit disastrous. A lot of botches occurred during the match and it’s hard to ignore these ones specifically. I feel bad for them but at this point on, you can only get better.
Grade: D-


4. Cherry Bomb vs. Christina Von Eerie

I’ve seen these ladies before and they’re good. Unfortunately they didn’t live up to expectations that I gave them but nonetheless pulled of a decent match that’s quite easy to sit through.
Grade: C


5. Reby Sky vs. Jayme Jameson

Sky is Matt Hardy’s girlfriend and has been involved around wrestling for a while now. Looks like Hardy’s have been giving her lessons and she can handle herself pretty well here. Jameson is quite good herself and I’ll definitely check out more of her work along with others soon.
Grade: C


Segment: Daffney who is the host of the show calls up Lenny Leonard who is about to present the Diva Dirt Legacy Award. Daffney calls her one of the toughest and hardest working females in wrestling. She brings out the recipient of the award, Jazz. Jazz gets an EC-Dub chant to her amazement and thanks everyone for the support and mentions how many don’t realize the amount of work women do in professional wrestling to captivate your attention. All was nice and dandy till Mercedes Martinez crashed the party and asked everyone to leave so she can have her match. Teasers…yummy!


6. Mercedes Martin vs. Leva Bates

Leva is dressed as Spider-Man, her gimmick is that of a comic book geek, which is quite unique. They had quite a performance and I’m quite impressed with the comic book enthusiast. Martinez can easily be looked at as the modern day Jazz cause she has that mean streak demeanor that makes her an assett where ever she goes.
Grade: B-


7. Nikki Roxx vs. Rain

Both ladies were former TNA Knockouts once upon a time as Roxxi Laveaux  & Peyton Banks respectively. Both are crafty veterans and have years of experience under their belts. They managed to have a very good match that shows you how passionate they are for the sport of professional wrestling.
Grade: B


8. Sara Del Rey vs. Jazz

I can speak for most of us and say that this is a dream match for all of us. Jazz was one tough and competitive cookie in her days that pulled off a series of great matches in a solid WWE Women’s Division with the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria (Tara in TNA), Molly Holly and others. Sara on the other hand has been unquestionably the most dominating female in recent years and has a vast amount of experience gathered from all over the well and is so versatile that she has wrestled men on a regular basis in Chikara. With their resume alone you can expect a battle for the ages. And YES! we got ourselves one hell of a match and definitely one of the best female wrestling matches I’ve ever seen in my life and I feel fortunate enough to see such a match take place. Jazz showed that she still has it and despite age, she’ll kick anyone’s ass. Great way to end the show!
Grade: A


Final Thoughts:

To be honest and fair. This show was good but it heavily struggled during the first half of the show. The second half was spot on so it saved the show from being a disaster. I salute WWNLive for providing us another women’s promotion out there in the market and making this dream match possible and I’m positive that bigger and better things are coming and it’ll indeed SHINE!

Verdict: 7/10

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1. Low-Ki vs. BxB Hulk w/Akira Tozawa

Fun opener, both clique very well which I wouldn’t mind Ki doing Dragon Gate in Japan.
Grade: B-


Segment: Chuck Taylor comes out and says that Rich Swann couldn’t make the show and is without a partner for his tag match with the Young Bucks later in the afternoon.  Bucks come out and in typical fashion they began a beatdown on Taylor and out comes Scorpio Sky for the save and we got ourselves a tag match.


2. Chuck Taylor & Scorpio Sky vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

This was very fun and it’s not surprise that Scorpio made up for Swann’s absence. Taylor is one of the best tag team wrestlers today and you can see by pairing with numerous performers and still deliver a show. Bucks need no explanation.
Grade: B


3. Masato Yoshino vs. Naruki Doi

In Japan they’re known as Speed Muscle for their combination of both assets. I’ve seen some of their work against each other from the main Dragon Gate and they are an a whole other level and I believe that they didn’t disappoint here either. Words can’t describe, just see for yourself.
Grade: B+


4. Tables Match
AR Fox vs. Sami Callihan

Both have been feuding for a large portion of 2011 and they kick off 2012 with a tables match that was very well executed and impressive by working on an entire different crowd that they’re used to perform. Great level of professionalism by both performers.
Grade: B


5. Caleb Konley w/Larry Dallas vs. Jon Davis

Jon Davis has been improving with each match he’s having in Dragon Gate USA & EVOLVE. He didn’t disappoint here and I give a lot of props for Konley for selling those moves like a pro. Things are definitely looking up for the guy this year. Not the best match but very far from being the worst of matches.
Grade: C


6. Akira Tozawa vs. PAC
Both have made a home in California within PWG and since then they have been coming back for more and more. Just when they had their breakout matches with Kevin Steen & Chris Hero respectively, they tore the house down in epic fashion. It’s good to see how much they’ve improved physically and mentally since the first time I laid eyes on them.
Grade: A-


7. Open the United Gate Championship
Spike Mohicans (CIMA & Ricochet) (c) vs. Masaaki Mochizuki & Jimmy Susumu

Mohicans were my favorite tag team for 2011 and against rivals Susumu and Mochi is a nice treat for the SoCal fans. Really good stuff and Mochi/Susumu make quite a unit if I say so myself.
Grade: A-


Segment: After the match BxB Hulk & Tozawa come out and beat up their former Blood Warrior stablemates Ricochet & CIMA. Low-Ki makes the save and takes the mic to address that 2012 is his year and then shifts his attention to CIMA & Ricochet individually and lets them know that he’s coming for everyone.


Bonus Features:

The End of the Arena – A video highlight of some of the shows done in the arena and people discussing their experience there.

Johnny Gargano’s Long Road Back – A video package of Gargano’s journey to the top  and finally becoming the Freedom Gate Champion.

Alternate Angle Highlight Video – Highlights from the show with different angles from the final cut of show.


Final Thoughts:

This show was very good top to bottom and I salute the Japanese stars for making the trip to the pacific and giving people their money’s worth. With the result of that, they’re gonna do three shows for this upcoming convention in LA next month so this could mean bigger things for the expansion promotion which I personally like. I definitely recommend this show to all for the sole purpose being a complete show from top to bottom.

Verditct: 9/10

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*WARNING* I usually don’t do spoilers regarding matches because I strongly believe giving out the result will take away some excitement away from the spectator and my mission is for everyone to invest on the product. However, this show is a tournament and in order to give a detailed review, I have to make the exception so I can progress all the way through but I’ll keep the finals a secret. I know most don’t care about spoilers but just for those that do, you’ve been warned.


1. Quarterfinal Match
Sami Callihan vs. TJ Perkins

This was really good and I couldn’t have selected a better pairing for this match. Callihan gave Perkins a huge run for his money and it’s definitely one of the latter’s best matches this year.
Grade: B


2. Quarterfinal Match
Eddie Edwards vs. Adam Cole

Just as you would expect from these two and it was delivered in 15 minutes which was an incredible amount of time for so much action that you don’t even notice it happening that long. Both Cole and Edwards have capitalized in PWG since their first appearances last year.
Grade: B+


3. Quarterfinal Match
Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

The big men square off in a contest filled with brute strength which is right up each others alley. Elgin worked fantastic with a guy larger than him which is no fluke how talented this guys is and this goes likewise for Cage.
Grade: B+


Segment: Kevin Steen who interfered in Cage’s match was being pummeled by the latter and the Young Bucks but thanks to the save of Senior Referee Rick Knox and El Generico he found himself for a 6 man tag later on during show.


4. Quarterfinal Match
Ricochet vs. Roderick Strong

A little disappointing but this is still a good match where both did their thing but they didn’t keep up with the previous matches.
Grade: B-


5. Team Statutory (Joey Ryan, Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. B-Boy, Drake Younger & Willie Mack

Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to announce on record that I’m disqualifying myself from reviewing this match over the simple reason of being of never suppressing the endless laugh of reading the name Team Statutory.
Grade: B (A+ for the comedy)


6. Semifinal Match
Adam Cole vs. Sami Callihan

The two best friends and fiercest rivals face off in the semis in their first ever tourney. It was going fantastic but it watered down a lot in the end to the point that the finish was awkward and unexpected. Still a very good match and have hopes for them in the future on the big leagues.
Grade: B-


7. Semifinal Match
Ricochet vs. Michael Elgin

Ricochet is totally out of this world and I thought nobody could match nor even surpass PAC in the gravity field but he did. Working with a much larger performer like Elgin made his spots are more convincing. Elgin being used to wrestler smaller guys made sure he meant business.
Grade: A-


8. Kevin Steen, El Generico & Rick Knox vs. Brian Cage & The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Knox has been the head referee in PWG since it’s inception and is very respected by his peers and fans. For a while now he’s been taking a lot of bullying by the Young Bucks. However in the last event, he had enough and fought back to the crowd’s amazement. Normal referees being involved in matches are uncommon but done the right way it can work. Knox to be honest was doing spots for the most part but with the crowd’s huge input it made him look credible and the rest just played the supporting role. It was good but being realistic this wasn’t a competitive match. On the flipside I give huge props to the rest for making him credible and giving him the extra push.
Grade: B- ( A+ for the entertainment)


9. Finals Match
Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin

In my opinion, these two are the top breakout wrestler of the year cause they’ve been on fire everywhere they’ve been so far. Both have the desire and need to be number one and to keep on their never ending road of proving ground to one day get there to the big leagues. I tip m y hat to both for giving an outstanding performance.
Grade: A-


Final Thoughts:

Overall this tournament as a whole was a success and the best part about it was that today’s young stallions were featured and managed to capitalize on the opportunity. This tournament was very special the desire and need to succeed was very much alive and everyone was hungry for the opportunity to become the best of the best. I recommend this DVD to go along with Night 1 as a bundle for the full experience.

Verdict: 9.25/10

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1. First Round Match
TJ Perkins vs. Joey Ryan

It was OK but nothing that I would watch over and over again. Good opener nevertheless.
Grade: C


2. First Round Match
Roderick Strong vs. Drake Younger

The good stuff has just begun with a eye cringing stiff fest. Younger has made PWG his home earlier this year and is as dangerous and defying as in CZW which is admirable but he could die one of these days but I guess he really means it that he lives, breathes and will die one day in the ring. Roddy is certifiable as a kingpin and PWG’s Gatekeeper so to speak so I leave the happenings of this match to your imagination having in mind both performers resume……Exactly!
Grade: B+


3. First Round Match
Kyle O’Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards

This was slow for a little while trying to land the first strike but thanks to the awesome SoCal crowd who lets you know if you’re doing a good job, sped things up and delivered a scientific wrestling match in near perfection.
Grade: B+


4. First Round Match
Brian Cage vs. B-Boy

I’ll be honest, my expectations for this match were not too good. Fortunately I was wrong and silenced with their arsenal. Without a doubt Cage should get a shot in the east coast let it be ROH, CZW, AIW, etc. The guys is on a path to redemption and he can be WWE bound in the near future. B-Boy always surprises the hell out of me so I never speak of him.
Grade: B


5. First Round Match
Kevin Steen vs. Ricochet

Ricochet has really come a long way ever since moving to Dragon Gate on a permanent basis and is currently one of the most exciting wrestlers in the world today and against current indie kingpin Steen was no exception. The definition of spotfest has reached a whole new level with these two.
Grade: A-


6. First Round Match
Sami Callihan vs. Willie Mack

It’s quite hard to follow the match above but Mack & Callihan always welcome the challenge since they’re underdogs everywhere they go and delivered with back and forth hard-hitting action. Callihan along with Drake Younger made a home in PWG and hopefully more is to come of them in the very near future.
Grade: B


7. First Round Match
Adam Cole vs. El Generico

This was short and straight to the point and they couldn’t have done it better. Cole being the De facto heel proved how much charisma he has and this comes to no surprise to CZW followers who seen this first hand. What can you say about Generico that hasn’t already been said? The irony is that he’s light years away of being generic.
Grade: B


8. First Round Match
Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin

Where should I start with this one?  Very close to their Mania weekend show but it doesn’t surpass it. Nevertheless it was a wise choice to end the show with these two and comparing this match with their title match from April, it’s somehow a tribute to Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi’s legendary rivalry and I wonder if it’s gonna be like this every time they face each other.
Grade: A+


Final Thoughts:

Out of all the tournaments I’ve seen from numerous promotions worldwide, PWG takes the cake when it comes to the desire of their participants having the want and need to succeed. Once again proven that there is no need for a big arena or cosmetics to deliver. And this is only night 1 of 2, and on the flipside this can bite them in the ass and fall short of expectations for Night 2 because this is very hard to top. I 100% approve this show and recommend this to go along with the Night 2 so the full extravaganza can be experienced.

Verdict: 9.5/10

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