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1. Dojo Bros (Eddie Edwards & Roderick Strong) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

The name Dojo Bros always gets into my head as one of the corniest yet hilarious names ever, after Team Statutory of course. Anyways, if you have followed PWG for a long time as I have and seen the vast amount of openers it’s had throughout the years, this lands on the top 8 maybe even 5 of all time. The veterancy (if that’s a word) and work quality is top notch. Very climatic with the sick spots and dynamic interaction.
Grade: B+


2. Best of 3 Series – Match 1
Drake Younger vs. Sami Callihan

Self explanatory booking. These two are no strangers since they’ve butted heads many times in their home turf of CZW so the So Cal crowd gets a great showcase from CZW. Now if you been paying to these two’s PWG work your eyes must’ve popped in amazement and cringed in terror. Both have very little regard to their body and will go to any lengths to get their crowds moneys worth. The very dangerous spots were present and I heavily believe that with the right people it can be done successfully as it was in this case. Very violent and entertaining match but certainly not for everyone.
Grade: B


3. PWG World Tag Team Championship
Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) (c) vs. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)

Finally the Monsters get a shot at the title after so much hard work they’ve provided and with their new attitude it all just falls well into place. SSB makes their return after a lengthy absence. This was one hell of a roller coaster ride with their outstanding performance. A lot of dynamic and spunk as some might say with their colorful persona’s interacting from time to time. Well delivered.
Grade: B+


4. Joey Ryan vs. Scorpio Sky

This is Joey’s final match in PWG as he is currently competing on TNA. I’ve come to notice that Sky always has retired his friends over the years, first Chris Bosh, then Scott Lost and now Joey. Anyways, this was well executed but not as emotional as I thought it would’ve been. It was back and forth with a dangerous spot with the chairs involved. Perhaps this would be a generous grading by me because Joey will always be PWG.
Grade: B


Aftermatch: Joey gives his farewell speech with much enthusiasm. He asked for blowjobs and told everyone to go fuck themselves. On a more serious note he gave his opinion on TNA’s orders for him to stop appearing in PWG and all in all thanked everyone for supporting PWG and keep the dream alive. THANK YOU JOEY!


5. Willie Mack vs. TJ Perkins vs. Brian Cage vs. B-Boy

This was very fun to watch. At times it was confusing over the heavy amount of action simultaneously but it was still entertaining. Mack & Cage delivered the power while Perkins & B-Boy delivered the speed and experience. The double team moves between Cage & Mack were amazing. All four played ball very well and I think for 2013, Mack & Cage will welcome bigger and better opportunities in their careers.
Grade: B+


6. El Generico vs. Rich Swann

It started slow at first but then it blasted off to space. That’s how Swann is and some might not have the patience for that but still he deserves all the opportunity he’s been getting all this time.  This match reminded a lot of Generico vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima in Ring of Honor’s Omega Effect with the slow paced action then speeding up with high octane.
Grade: B


7. The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) vs. Dojo Bros (Eddie Edwards & Roderick Strong)

After wrestling once already in the show, we get this bundle of joy in a non-title match. All it took was 30 seconds and we got ourselves one mean tag match that didn’t slow down one bit. Stupefied was just insane with the dives and spots, the kid is magic. Great bonus by PWG as it was unexpected very well received. Perhaps this was a Christmas present to all of us for not seeing SSB in PWG for a while.
Grade: A-


8. PWG World Championship
Guerrilla Warfare Match
Kevin Steen (c) vs. Adam Cole

After having some words early in the show, Steen got their match to be a Guerrilla Warfare match so it’s anything goes. All it took was a ring bell and it conquered the match of the night honors. Everything was just as you’d expect from a Guerrilla Warfare match and perhaps even set a new bar in it as well. Cole played ball very well in this atmosphere that is Steen’s home. The build up was good, the match was great, the outcome was perfect.
Grade: A


Final Thoughts:

Amazing show that was top to bottom one hell of a show but I’ll say that Threemendous III was superior but by a small margin. By comparing all the shows PWG has done this year to those of Ring of Honor, Chikara, Dragon Gate USA and others, I believe that a great portion of PWG’s success is the ability of freedom that the wrestlers have to do whatever they want as oppose to other promotions where it is either semi-controlled or fully controlled by their superiors. Also the unique crowd adrenaline attained their also fuels them to go the extra mile which is also fun for them to perform as they’re greatly appreciated. This gets a solid recommendation by those who are wondering and to break it in order of purchase I’d say the top buys are the following:

1. Threemendous III

2. Mystery Vortex

3. BOLA 2012 (Both Nights)

4. DDT 4 2012

Verdict: 9.5/10

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1. The Bravado Bros. (Harlem & Lancelot Bravado) vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

Very fun opener with good tag team wrestling. Bravados are definitely the most improved tag team of 2012 in my book while Coleman & Alexander are delivering quality matches.
Grade: B-


2. Mike Mondo vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis

The feud’s build up here of Mondo trying to rape Maria is quite odd but at least it kept him relevant for a while. Both delivered a good brawl and you can instantly tell how different ROH is without Jim Cornette since the wrestlers were given more freedom.
Grade: B-


3. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) vs. Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer

This match was short and sweet. BIG difference when the match is even that a completely one sided match which is what Haas & Benjamin have been known for in Ring of Honor. Still not a great match but quite acceptable and refreshing considering the drags they’ve been doing for a long time.
Grade: C


4. Davey Richards vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal has been a huge role in 2012 and after coming from a very controversial incident at Killer Instinct and winning the Survival of the Fittest, Lethal seems to be going for the push if his career. My God! Lethal was unleashed and went at par with Davey all the way and I will go on to say that this is Lethal’s best match ever. Absolutely amazing to see a very known face go at a distance never seen before against a very demanding and compelling performer as Davey is.
Grade: A-


5. Tadarius Thomas vs. Rhino

Originally Roderick Strong was Thomas’s opponent but he refused to wrestle and said he quits the House of Truth. Martini’s absolutely not happy with it and gets a reluctant Rhino to replace Strong in the match. Very quick match that didn’t do much at all but it was alright considering this was after the intermission and following the awesome Davey/Lethal match. Post match Rhino was pissed and threw Martini to the guardrail much to the fans happiness.Grade: D+


6. ROH Television Championship
Adam Cole (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Cole has been on fire nationwide at near Tyler Black & Claudio Castagnoli speed. Another good performance by the youngster and I’m pretty sure he’s WWE bound in the very near future. Edwards was good as well and gets kudos for wrestling hurt. The in-ring psychology is top notch and well implemented.
Grade: B


7. ROH World Tag Team Championship
S.C.U.M. (Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs) (c) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

Fun tag team match with a lot of  chemistry by the two teams and I can’t deny it since they all been part of Ring of Honor for many years and delivered some of the most memorable matches and moments in it’s 10 year history. The finish was a little iffy but a good set up for a return match.
Grade: B-


8. ROH World Championship
Kevin Steen (c) vs. Michael Elgin

Amazing! This was absolutely beautiful. Everything has been said of Steen so it’s not worth repeating the same words. Elgin has also been on a mean streak in ROH ever since winning the 2011 Survival of the Fittest and his prize was redeemed a year later with this title shot. Elgin was unleashed with giving Steen a huge run for his money and once again raise the bar for big men in Ring of Honor history. Definitely up on the top 3 matches for Ring of Honor in 2012.
Grade: A


Final Thoughts:

I must say that justice has been served and ROH finally landed onto a winner show after a lot of slumps throughout the year. One thing very notable here and like I mentioned before is that with Jim Cornette out of Ring of Honor, Delirious runs the show now. I love Corny to death but like Davey, Steen and others mentioned, his mentality is outdated and his influence has dragged Ring of Honor out of the direction they were headed to for quite some time. You can instantly tell the difference between the overall quality of this show with the past 10 shows. It almost feels like a new Ring of Honor. I heavily recommend this show as one of the must haves out of 2012.

Verdict: 8.5/10

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*ATTENTION* This DVD features Four Ring of Honor TV Shows which covered the whole tournament so I’ll go strait forward with the matches in order of showing than breaking everything show by show. Also since it’s a tournament I’d have to spoil and give few results for a detailed review. Some don’t mind but for those that do, you’ve been warned.


1. Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Match
Adam Cole vs. Tadarius Thomas

Despite having a split W/L record, Thomas was having a string of good matches with various performers like Kyle O’Reilly, Silas Young, QT Marshall and more. Cole welcomed the challenge and delivered a solid opener with the young up and coming wrestler. Thomas’s athleticism is reminded like a young Shelton Benjamin which is a very good sign of things to come for the youngster.
Grade: B-


2. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) vs. Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer

Originally, the team of Matt Saigon & Damian Dagon known as Fusion DS were scheduled to be WGTT’s opponents. However, Titus challenges WGTT to a match in which they accepted thinking he didn’t have a partner, until veteran BJ Whitmer came out, IT”S ON! The match was short and straight to the point but it gave another meaning for Titus to keep feuding with Haas & Benjamin now with Whitmer involved, thus evening the odds.
Grade: C-


Segment: S.C.U.M. (Kevin Steen, Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs) head to the ring for an interview by Kevin Kelly. However, Corino tells Kelly to hit the bricks as he’s gonna conduct the show. Steen calls out Elgin who complies and shows up with Truth Martini. Both Steen & Elgin talk smack about their upcoming match at Glory By Honor XI in Elgin’s hometown of Ontario. Eventually a brawl kicks out with Elgin against come. The House of Truth minus Roderick Strong make save for their comrade.


3. ROH World Tag Team Championship
S.C.U.M. (Steve Cornio & Jimmy Jacobs) (c) vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

A rematch from Death Before Dishonor X. Coleman & Alexander are still causing waves in the ROH tag team scenario with their unique athleticism and tenacity. Despite the DQ finish, those were a pretty intense 7 minutes from both teams.
Grade: C+


4. Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Match
Davey Richards vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis & Bob Evans

Enjoyable match with Bennett going with raw power & Richards going for the ground game. Mondo made his presence notice and smooched the smoking Maria in order to distract & further escalate his feud with Bennett. Outside of that I’d say this is one hell of a TV match.
Grade: B-


5. Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Match
Jay Lethal vs. QT Marshall w/RD Evans

Originally it was Tomasso Ciampa who was facing Lethal for this match but a torn leg took him out of action for the rest of the year. Evans says the show has to go on and has moved on from Ciampa and introduced his new client QT Marshall. Perhaps this move was made to give Marshall a presence in Ring of Honor as he barely is recognized at all. Honestly he didn’t stand out in the ring as it was Lethal.
Grade: C-


6. ROH World Championship
Kevin Steen (c) vs. Rhett Titus

It’s safe to say that Titus is ROH’s best student ever but still lacks to be a threat in the singles division. Something has to be done there cause by looking at the current roster he’s up there on ROH veteranship (If that’s even a word). Anyways the match was nothing special and I totally feel for Titus of not getting a serious singles run.
Grade: C


7. Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Match
Homicide vs. Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini

This was a let down in my opinion. Knowing these two wrestlers well and how accomplished they are couldn’t tear the house down. Nonetheless it’s still an OK performance but this could have been a whole lot better.
Grade: C


8. Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Match
Mike Mondo vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Good back and forth action and it’s a blessing to see Mondo kicking it up a notch in his repertoire. He’s a whole different competitor from a year ago. O’Reilly is still a top notch competitor but lacks a lot of the charisma Adam Cole possesses and now it’s more understanding why he’s on a bit of a bubble. Very good match.
Grade: B


9. Survival of the Fittest Qualifying Match
Michael Elgin vs. Rhino

Martini is out with both men and is obviously against this match up but neither seem to mind. It was a fun match with the two big men in ROH which is quite rare these days. The drama and dissension of the House of Truth also played a supporting role in this match making it even more special.
Grade: C+


10. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The Bravado Bros. (Harlem & Lancelot Bravado)

Knowing how well both brotherly duos work together it’s a safe bet that they’re gonna have a good match. But it really didn’t make sense and out of everyone to lose, the Bravados got it worse by going against the Briscoes in a match very one sided. But then again it’s a TV match so it gets a pass.
Grade: C-


11. Survival of the Fittest Match
Adam Cole vs. Davey Richards vs. Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong vs. Mike Mondo vs. Michael Elgin

The winner gets a shot at the World title whenever he chooses. The thing I love about these Survival of the Fittest matches is the adrenaline the participants possess during the match that truly lives up to the name. In a way this can be looked at as a combination of WWE’s King of the Ring & Royal Rumble. Everyone here played their part very well and in sync. Davey & Lethal stole the show in this match by far. The choice of winner and elimination order was perfect. One of the best Survivals of the Fittest if you ask me.
Grade: A-


Final Thoughts:

ROH did a very good job covering the four shows into one DVD in it’s entirety. For those that don’t have the privilege of watch Ring of Honor TV then I suggest you getting this one so you can experience it. The build up and the actual SOTF match was very well executed. In my opinion this match should be profiled in a special event dedicated to it like in the past. It really looks good and gives the winner instant credibility for a singles push. The one let down here is that this whole “event” were actual four episodes given on free TV. If you seen this already then it’s quite pointless you buying this DVD  unless for collecting purposes. And like I said before if you never seen ROH TV or happened to miss this tournament then by all means get it because you’re missing on some good wrestling action.

Verdict: 7.5/10

You can purchase this DVD  and more ROH DVD’s at the ROH Store.