Site Update

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Announcements


I would like to address a few things regarding the lack of activity in this blog. For starters, I recently finished my college degree and worked full-time which is a lot to handle in the first place. By doing this blog I relieved myself from a lot of stress as Pro Wrestling is my passion and I enjoying sharing my thoughts on their shows with fellow fans around the world. However, due to personal issues and career opportunities I was forced to go on hiatus for a while and relocate to the US.  Currently I’m quite established up here and a lot less stressful which gives me the pleasure to say that this blog from now on resume where it left off and run at full speed. To those who have been there from the beginning I Thank You Very Much for your support and patience. If you’re new to this blog then I welcome you to this dimension and feel free to explore my thoughts regarding you’re favorite pro wrestling shows. Also, I’ve added some other stuff to this blog like My All-Time Favorite Wrestlers list which is a special place I like to dedicate to the performers who’ve inspired me throughout the years as a fan. More features like this will be added very briefly and more reviews than ever, including 2013 shows. Once again, I thank you all for taking a moment of your time and visit my blog.

— Blade Omega


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