ROH – The Hunt For Gold (1.18.13) DVD Review

Posted: August 17, 2013 in 2013, Promotions, ROH




1. BJ Whitmer & Rhett Titus vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

Both teams were in sync and delivered a good performance to star the year 2013. Titus & Whitmer don’t really mesh that well but their expertise in tag teams overcame the mismatch.
Grade: C+


2. Jay Lethal vs. Steve Corino

Lethal has been on a rampage and wants S.C.U,M. after what they did to him. Perfect choice of an opponent on this occasion. It was short and sweet. Corino has all the tools to make Lethal look good and that’s how it went.
Grade: C


3. Roderick Strong vs. Silas Young

This match was quite intense at times with the big man Young trying to get Roddy’s respect. It went back and forth and gave Young a good reaction to the crowd. Young has a lot of potential but is never a mainstay anywhere he goes but AAW, which is unfortunate because he could have been a great asset for years.
Grade: B-


4. ROH World Chamionship
Kevin Steen (c) vs. Tadarius Thomas

Up and comer Thomas gets the golden opportunity (pun intended) for the main title. Both delivered a pretty fun match that was only stained by a dead crowd. Other than that there is nothing wrong with this match and can be enjoyed by everyone.
Grade: B-


5. Charlie Haas vs. Trey Miguel and Brent Daniels

Originally it was Miguel vs. Daniels but Haas gave them an ass-whipping which ended up in this impromptu handicap match. Unfortunately, Only a dropkick was the sole offense given by the duo against the angry veteran.
Grade: DUD


6. Proving Ground Match
Adam Cole vs. Jimmy Jacobs

It’s Jacobs turn for a proving ground as if either he wins or survives the time limit he gets a shot at  Cole’s TV title. My God, these two are great performers but never I would expect this match to steal the show. Both were fantastic giving hard blows to each other plus outsmarting themselves trying to get the W. I was blown away with this match as much as I did with Cole vs. Richards.
Grade: B+


7. Michael Elgin vs. Rhino

The two powerhouses in ROH collide once again. Rhino has the home turf advantage which is a nice touch. This was a  much better performance than their previous match from Survival from the Fittest. Both delivered the power, the agility and the psychology to get the crowd going.
Grade: B-


8. ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (c) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

These two teams are no strangers to each other as they’ve been at war for the entire year of 2009. Now 4 years later and all four of them have come a long way and are now more dangerous than ever. There isn’t really much to say as to what happened as they never had a bad match. Both gave a stellar performance to conclude the first show of 2013.
Grade: B+


Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed this show pretty much. It was a bit slow at first but then it picked up pretty well. Definitely a good start for the new year. My only dilemma is that for it being the first show it didn’t have the new year/new direction feel and it felt more like it was during mid 2012. A very good house show but it’s definitely not a big time show which is perfectly fine.

Grade: 7.75/10

You can purchase this DVD  and more ROH DVD’s at the ROH Store.



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