Who am I?

What can I say, I’ve been a fan of the sport of professional wrestling for almost 20 years. It’s the drug I refuse to let go because it’s just that damn addicting. This blog will be dedicated to media regarding…..come on you know the answer. So feel free to stop by and look at what I have to say regarding pro wrestling.


How do I review?

When I review wrestling events or compilations, I go straight to the point with the matches and evaluate the wrestling. While I usually give some details and thoughts without spoiling anything because I’m trying to get you the viewer to invest on the product.

As for shoot interviews I cover the topics with little to no details as once again I’m trying to get you guys to invest on the product; However, I’m more flexible on these for the fact that it’s out of character and uncensored.

*NOTE* I will be adding more stuff apart from wrestling events and shoots. So eventually I’ll be updating this section


How do I grade matches?

Well I personally dislike the star rating system as it is often confusing and manipulative. I always question myself what differentiates a **3/4 from a **1/2, and I never get a clear answer. The letters I use is quite explanatory as we all have come across the grades and it gives you the spectator a better idea of how I see things.


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