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1. Jude & Niles Young vs. John Dahmer & Cory Kastle vs. Jamie Samuels & DJ Hyde

This was hard to watch and the only thing worth seeing here is John Dahmer’s entrance and final move.
Grade: F


2. Shun The Kabuki Kid vs. GQ vs. Rick Feinberg vs. Krystian Wolf

Grade: F


3. #1 Contendership for the CZW Tag Team Championship
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (EC Negro & KC Blade) vs. The Sofctcore Connection (Nick Berk & Z-Barr) vs. Rebel’s Army (Greg Matthews & Rockin Rebel)

This was OK. There were some awkward moments in the match that killed momentum but they managed to say put.
Grade: C


4. #1 Contendership for the CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Jimmy Jacobs w/Becky Bayless vs. Sabian vs. Derek Frazier

Jacobs in his Berzerker  attire is hilarious and lovable (no homo). I had a bit of high hopes for this match in comparison to the unimpressive under card but it didn’t go well with neither executing anything damaging.
Grade: C-


5. CZW Iron Man Championship
20 Minute Iron Man Match
Trent Acid (c) vs. Jimmy Rave

CZW was Acid’s turf and those who know can vouch for me on this statement. Both have great potential and delivered one hell of a match that was tarnished for the awkwardness on the final part of the match but nevertheless it’s a must see.
Grade: B


6. #1 Contendership for the CZW Iron Man Championship
Elimination Match
Chris Hero vs. Alex Shelley vs. B-Boy

All three are certifiable competitors but this was almost ten years ago. Nevertheless they had a phenomenal match that can be compared to the famous triangle matches between Super Crazy, Tajir & Little Guido in ECW.
Grade: B+


7. Ladder Match
Joker vs. Chri$ Ca$h

Joker is the heart and soul of CZW and has proved it with his countless battles in the ring. Ca$h was a kid with a lot of heart and potential that left this world too soon. If there’s a match that was their breakout to success, it’s definitely this one by far. It was a spot fest not gonna lie but the effort they put to wow the crowd is heavily admired.
Grade: B+


8. CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Ruckus (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt

This was a nice back and forth action that really could shine anywhere but it couldn’t follow the previous two matches. The ending was not that impressive either despite their history of hatred.
Grade: B-


9. 1,000,000 Thumbtacks & Cage Of Death War Games Match
Team Ultraviolence (Zandig, Nick Gage, Lobo, Ian Knoxx, Wifebeater & New Jack vs. The Hi-V (Messiah, Trent Acid, Johnny Kashmere, B-Boy, Nate Hatred & Adam Flash)

Let me break the rules to you as simple as I can cause this is one confusing puppy. The wrestlers begin at the stage, they have to cross a suspended cage bridge and enter the Cage of Death (the ring) and climb back and head to where they started. However there’s a catch and it’s that if by any means, someone’s feet touches the ground then they’re eliminated from the contest. To makes thing even worse, there’s a second ring full of thumbtacks. The team that most members leave the stage successfully wins.

Now with that out of the way let me tell you right off the bat that this is the most sadistic structure I’ve ever seen. And I’ll be honest with you, this is a spotfest but it’s the most dangerous spotfest I’ve ever seen and words can’t describe what I saw in here. Little wrestling was applied since this is a deathmatch but you’ll be entertained if it’s right up your alley. So please bear with me on the grade since this is not for everyone.
Grade: A


Final Thoughts:

Cage of Death is CZW’s WrestleMania so they always have it more special than other events they have. This one in particular for the first half was a disaster but the second half made up for it and it features key moments in CZW history so this is very enjoyable. I recommend this show to those who like deathmatches and can appreciate good wrestling, more or less to those old ECW fans. However if you’re curious about CZW then it’s a safe choice.

Verdict: 8/10

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I’m in the mood to bring more to the table so let’s do CZW. CZ-Dub! CZ-Dub! CZ-Dub!

1. Shane Strickland vs. Rich Swann

This was enjoyable for the most part but it died a few times which hurt the chances of being something bigger.
Grade: C+


2. The Gulak Campaign (Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee) w/ Alexander James & Tofiga  vs. Greg Excellent & Mia Yim

Nice comedy by Excellent and Gulak made some decent wrestling but the whole Campaign posse ruined most of the excitement for me.
Grade: C-


3. Pepper Parks w/Cherry Bomb vs. Kekoa w/Sunny

Kekoa bringing Sunny in to neutralize Cherry was nice but also very random and weird. This was a bit of a mess and I’ve seen these guys wrestle in the past and they have potential but they didn’t click when they really needed to be. Also the female shenanigans ruined whatever chance they had.
Grade: D


4. CZW Tag Team Championship
The Nation of Intoxication (Danny Havoc & Devon Moore) (c) vs. Rory Mondo & Mike Mathis

Originally the challengers were going to be James & Tofiga from Gulak Campaign however James suffered a injury from Greg Excellent earlier on and the title shot was given to Mondo & Mathis. This was alright but I just didn’t get into it as much as I wanted to. Havoc & Moore are very entertaining with their beer drinking shenanigans.
Grade: C


5. Ruckus vs. Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera

This was another fun match but the outside interference killed the momentum it had. Not that there’s nothing wrong with that but it didn’t click well with this one.
Grade: C


Segment: Matt Tremont came out to the ring and hyped up his upcoming barbed wire match with CZW owner DJ Hyde. Mr. Hyde comes out in cocky fashion and calls out Tremont’s opponent for the night, Solo.


6. Matt Tremont vs. Solo

Balls Mahoney chair shot and it’s over
Grade: DUD


7. Super Smasho Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. OI4K (Sami Callihan & Jake Crist) w/Nevaeh

OI4K stands for Ohio is 4 Killers, LMAO! This was a very good tag team match that did justice compared to the not so stellar undercard. SSB wherever they go do nothing but magic and OI4K make quite a cohesive unit and definitely blend together well in terms of appearance and ability.
Grade: B-


8. CZW World Championship
Masada (c) vs. El Generico

I loved this from start to finish and it’s good to see Generico wrestle a much much larger man for a change. Masada proved that he’s more than just a deathmatch wrestler and was very good for a big man. Generico is probably the easiest guy to wrestle along Chuck Taylor cause he can blend with anyone regardless size, experience, talent, etc.
Grade: B


Segment: Masada gets the mic and wants a match with Joker. Christina Von Eerie and Joe Gacy come out and tell the champion that Gacy will get the title shot and suggested it to be a Fans Bring Weapons Match. Masada agrees.


9. CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship vs. CZW Wired Television Championship Unification Match
             Ladder Match
AR Fox (c) vs. Dave Crist (c)

I’ve seen many ladder matches in my lifetime but there are very few that tell a profound story and this my friends is one of them. These two performers  are hungry for opportunity and in this day and age not many are getting them like they should. Both have had great success recently and to have them face each other  is a stepping stone. Also adding that they hate each other with a passion makes this match even more important. These two are a couple of crazy mofo’s doing the shit they did in this match and I was cringing constantly over the craziness. But that hatred they had for each other is what drove both insane during the match and cause them to do all this crazy shit. Yep that’s a story alright. Overall, this is one great ladder match.
Grade: A-


Final Thoughts:

CZW has been prominently and proudly presenting themselves as a deathmatch promotion. Focusing a lot on the deathmatch element made very famous by ECW back in the 90’s. But like it’s predecessor, the word wrestling was never ignored and often featured great wrestling from all over the world. This show was a good example because witnessing Masada ditching the crazy mofo for a Hernandez athletic big man and deliver a good match with one of the best wrestlers in the world today. But I must be honest, most of the show was quite hard to sit through over the constant smudges that ruined the fine wear of potential but thankfully it was saved by the last three matches. I admire and tip my hat to CZW for having the ladder match as the main event because it benefited both Fox & Crist for good exposure and future opportunities and it benefited us to end the show with a bang. I recommend this DVD just for the final three matches but it’s well worth the watch.

Verdict: 7.25/10

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