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*WARNING* I usually don’t do spoilers regarding matches because I strongly believe giving out the result will take away some excitement away from the spectator and my mission is for everyone to invest on the product. However, this show is a tournament and in order to give a detailed review, I have to make the exception so I can progress all the way through but I’ll keep the finals a secret. I know most don’t care about spoilers but just for those that do, you’ve been warned.


1. Quarterfinal Match
El Generico vs. Chris Sabin

Extremely fun competition with Generico being more serious than usual and Sabin being as tough as ever. The counter attacks by both were crisp.
Grade: B-


2. Quarterfinal Match
CIMA vs. Kevin Steen

CIMA showed why he is a mecca in the sport of professional wrestling with his unique and dangerous arsenal. Steen gave it all against the Japanese star. Very good match.
Grade: B-


3. Quarterfinal Match
Roderick Strong vs. Dragon Kid

WOW! This one blew my mind away in so many levels. Strong is a very solid performer and now I can confirm that he is at the top of his game with smaller guys as his usual arsenal that he is best known for is definitely big man maneuvers. Kid was just amazing with one some of the most dangerous and beautiful spots I’ve seen. This match definitely set a new tone for high-risk.
Grade: A


4. Quarterfinal Match
Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards

Solid performance by both men. It was very hard to follow the previous match but they managed to throw some good spots in to keep the crowd on their feet.
Grade: B-


5. Quarterfinal Match
Jack Evans vs. Genki Horiguchi

This was good but there was some sloppiness that can’t be ignored. For all I can say is that it was well put together.
Grade: C+


6. Quarterfinal Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. Super Dragon

This match never got started as The Dynasty jumped Kaz. Dragon makes the save and does a Curb Stomp to Jade Chung! Genius! Dragon advances via forfeit.
Grade: DUD


7. Semifinal Match
El Generico vs. CIMA

My God! This was Dragon Gate/Lucha Libre  Heaven! The no-selling was a bit over the top but it’s really hard to argue with how much crisp was put into every move. I cannot be more grateful
Grade: A-


8. Semifinal Match
Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards

This was pretty slow but its acceptable considering that both were part in very grueling matches earlier in the day. Nothing special here.
Grade: C


9. Semifinal Match
Super Dragon vs. Jack Evans

This wasn’t that special but Super Dragon killed Jack on 3 different occasions. BRUTAL!
Grade: C-


10. Quicksilver, Delirious, M-Dogg 20 & Colt Cabana vs. Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Rocky Romero & Necro Butcher

This was very long but it was hell of entertaining. Everyone played a special role on PWG’s Saturday Night Live skit.
Grade: C-


11. Finals
CIMA vs. Davey Richards

Originally this was a Three-Way but The Dynasty took out Super Dragon and it’s now a one on one. I’m not one to complain. This was very good but it wasn’t as devious nor aggressive as their previous two matches as they were grueling enough as it is. You can clearly tell they were worn out but I tip my hat off to both for giving it their all.
Grade: B-


Final Thoughts:

This show was like KFC’s double down, both ends of the sandwich are the main course while the cheese and bacon in-between are just minor ingredients. This third and final night was a success. The whole tournament per se  is a complete success as this tournament elevated PWG’s social status all over the world and it’s one that is still talked of to this day. I give this show a strong recommendation along with the other two shows. This can’t be enjoyed in it’s entirety if it’s incomplete. The whole tournament tells a story.

Verdict: 8.25/10

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1. First Round Match
Austin Aries vs. Disco Machine

Disco Machine is one of the founders of PWG and also a competitor. I must say that he always was a hit or miss for me but when he’s a hit he can go far. Unfortunately he missed and despite Aries being there it didn’t help much to get anyone up to their feet.
Grade: C-


2. First Round Match
Davey Richards vs. Ronin

Ronin is one of the local talent in So-Cal who was a mainstay for PWG in it’s early years. I sincerely condemn this match for being too boring and a squash was preferable instead of a long beatdown.
Grade: D-


3. First Round Match
Jack Evans vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Despite being famous and known for being a spot monkey, Evans’ matches in PWG are some of the greatest I have seen from the little man. I might sound biased but it’s not secret that Claudio Castagnoli, Antonio Cesaro as we know him today, is my favorite guy. This was a very well put-together match that leaves mind boggling with both performers.
Grade: B


4. Genki Horiguchi vs. Chris Hero

This wasn’t the most technically sounded match but it sure was entertaining. Hero being the cocky heel and mocking Hage for his baldness is a classic. The Yakuza Kick was a killer!
Grade: C


5. PWG World Championship
Joey Ryan (c) vs. Excalibur vs. Petey Williams vs. Human Tornado

Joey Ryan as the PWG champion is one of the longest reigns in the promotion’s history but his matches aren’t that appealing which makes his heel persona even more hated from the crowd. This was not a good match by any means and totally trash on the lack of consistency by all four men. And it’s mind boggling considering that half of the competition are founding fathers of PWG.
Grade: D-


6. PWG Tag Team Championship
Arrogance (Scott Lost & Chris Bosh) (c) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The Strong Style Thugs (Homicide & B-Boy)

Arrogance was a very solid tag team and it’s unfortunate that both are now retired. Briscoes are definitely the Elite Kings of the indie tag team scene while Homicide & B-Boy were the first ever PWG tag team champions and are their own east cost/west cost counterpart.  This is was a very fun tag team match where you get a lot of back and forth action and some of the best double team spots out there.
Grade: B


7. First Round Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. Scorpio Sky

Kaz was another founding father in PWG and had a lot of success in the first two years as PWG champion. At the time he was in a feud with Sky and it was getting more intense as time flied. With that being said this match was more storyline driven than anything and it took away some spark from the tournament as the focus is on crowning the best of the best regardless bad blood. Not a bad match though.
Grade: C


8. First Round Match 
Guerrilla Warfare Match
Super Dragon vs. Necro Butcher

This was a NO DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match so it’s basically a Guerrilla Warfare. The two killed each other here in one of the most violent matches in PWG history and one very high on the totem pole if you discard the Ultraviolent matches in CZW. Very entertaining and one hell of a main event to preview the third and final night of the extravaganza.
Grade: A-


Final Thoughts:

This was a good show with the main event taking the glory. But it struggled a few occasions and for those were part of that struggle should have known better than to be lazy on a day like this. I recommend this show to go along with the rest of the tournament as it should be because individually it won’t stand out.
Grade: 7.25/10

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1.  First Round Match
Colt Cabana vs. Chris Sabin

This was a very fun and good opener where you have Cabana in all his glory giving the very well known Sabin some headaches with this comedic nature and underrated wrestling. Sabin at this time was in full service in TNA and has done a decent number of appearances on the indies and every time he does those he sure leaves with a bang.
Grade: B-


2. First Round Match
El Generico vs. Delirious

Perhaps the two most profiled mask men in the indies square off in what I call Abbott vs. Costello. A lot of comedy but also fantastic wrestling. These two prove that they’re a lot more than just two men in a mask who make people laugh.
Grade: B-


3. First Round Match
CIMA vs. M-Dogg 20

Pretty solid match if you ask me. 20 is definitely a lot more than just a spot monkey. CIMA is simply CIMA.
Grade: B-


4. First Round Match
Kevin Steen vs. Matt Sydal

Decent match with Mr.Wrestling and the future Evan Bourne. This is no Steen vs. PAC but it’s a keeper.
Grade: C+


5. First Round Match
Dragon Kid vs. Quicksilver

Quicksilver was one of the PWG originals and a very underrated performer who had a bright future until an injury ended his career. He took on the highly acclaimed Dragon Kid in a beautiful lucha libre encounter. The spots were executed correctly and the psychology was sharp.
Grade: B


6. First Round Match
Roderick Strong vs. Rocky Romero

Chops vs. Kicks! Roddy is definitely one of the most hard-hitting competitors today, same goes for Rocky. Both have lethal weapons with their hands and feet respectively. This was perfect. Hard-hitting stiffness fest that makes you cringe in tears.
Grade: B


7. Excalibur, Human Tornado & The Strong Style Thugs (B-Boy & Homicide) vs. The Dynasty (Joey Ryan, Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) & Petey Williams

I must say that despite being in the main event, this fell short compared to the tournament matches. Still a decent match but the highlight of the show is the tournament and this wasn’t as star powered as you would have expected it.
Grade: C


Final Thoughts:

The first show in a three night extravaganza. This was definitely the show for the starting lineup to hype up this tournament. You got a decent variety of styles in this first night. This should be purchased along with the rest of the tournament to be enjoyed in it’s fullest.

Verditct: 7.75/10

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