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1. Jay Briscoe vs. QT Marshall

OK opener. Not much of a fan of Marshall but this is one of his best performances I’ve seen from him so far.
Grade: C


2. Jay Lethal vs. Tadarius Thomas

I liked this pairing a lot. This was fast paced right from the get go. Both know what to do and when to do eclipsing the opener. Thomas is very talented and I can see good things for him in the near future.
Grade: B-


3. Mark Briscoe vs. “Spyder” Nate Webb

Webb returns to ROH after what I believe is a 6 year absence. Mark is fun to watch on his own but performs very well with the right opponent, sadly this wasn’t the case and it felt like both were wrestling on two left feet. There’s nothing really worth seeing nor remember.
Grade: D


4. Roderick Strong vs. ACH

This was fast right from the start. Very diverse which had brawling, ground game, high-flying and signatures. ACH is one of the funnest performers to watch as he can adapt to any environment put in front of him just like strong. Roddy serves the role as the tester very well when it comes to newcomers.
Grade: B


Segment: Truth Martini’s interview segment called “The Hoopla” is taken underway with the sexy Scarlett Bordeaux and some other girl. Martini asks the crowed who was gonna win the main event between ROH vs. S.C.U.M. and got a mixed reaction. He starts reading fan mail and doing other nonsense. He says the secret word of the day is underwear and the girls start stripping. Martini mentions Adam Cole as his guest who eventually comes out. Cole gets the old fashion treatment of not being able to speak his mind on the interview as he’s constantly interrupted or baited to say underwear. Martini then pops the big one and ask what’s his preparation for his upcoming TV title defense at 11th Anniversary Show. Cole understood it was Matt Hardy but then is corrected by Martini and says it’s Matt Taven who’s getting the shot and the new member of the House of Truth. Cole was about to kick Martini but Scarlett shields him. Martini proceeds to slap Cole on the butt and without hesitation gets kicked in the jaw by the TV champ. I’ve seen many wrestling personalities get their own segment but this is by far the most awkward of them all.


5. Charlie Haas vs. Pepper Parks

Haas divided his match time to bully Parks and drink beer. I have no idea what he tried to accomplish with all this but it really didn’t click. One the flipside, it wasn’t that bad of a match so I give credit where credit is due.

After the match he proceeded to beat up ROH student called Cheeseburger, this infamous segment went viral on the ROH YouTube channel later on.
Grade: C-


6. BJ Whitmer vs. Kyle O’Reilly

This was brutal and eye cringing. Both had little regard for their bodies and went very stiff on each other. Whitmer is a proven tough guy which made O’Reilly man up and not hold back. Good encounter.
Grade: B-


7. Elimination Match
Davey Richards, Michael Elgin & Adam Cole vs. S.C.U.M. (Kevin Steen, Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs)

I like the choices in here and feels a lot like Survivor Series. Elgin & Richards have a score to settle with S.C.U.M. while Cole is an All-Star right now which suits Team ROH well. This was very enjoyable for the amount of talent involved and despite it’s lengthy time it gave one hell of a main event. Elgin is definitely the MVP of the match being resilient and entertaining throughout the whole match. Lethal got himself involved in the later portion of the match to Steen’s attention. The ending could have been better but it doesn’t take away the goodness out of this main event.
Grade: B+


Bonus Match:

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (c) vs. S.C.U.M. (Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs) – February 2, 2013

This match took place on the National Pro Wrestling Day extravaganza. Quick and straight to the point match.
Grade: C


Final Thoughts:

ROH managed to put the prior show behind them and came back with another good show  to kick off month two of the year. So far so good ROH is on the right path and seeds were planted for the this upcoming year within its ranks. Overall the show was fun and easy to sit through. The main event was well put together and the undercard held  pretty well on it’s own. I recommend this show for the main event and ACH vs. Strong which is a must see.


Grade: 7.25/10

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1. Proving Ground Match
Adam Cole vs. Silas Young

If Young wins or survives the time limit then he gets a shot at the TV title. Young made sure he capitalize on the opportunity on the red hot Cole. Both gave a stellar performance to open the show. A thing a like about openers is that they can be long or short and still can deliver a house as it’s sole purpose is to warm up the crowd.
Grade: B-


2. Tadarius Thomas vs. Bobby Fish w/Kyle O’Reilly

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Fish is a hit or miss. Unfortunately he missed this time as this match did not get a good vibe.  It started intense then it died, just at the point of reviving it died even more. Trtuh Martini came out halfway through the match scouting.
Grade: D+


3. Rhett Titus vs. Charlie Haas

Charlie doing the asshole gimmick is hilarious on ROH Videowires but in the ring he’s just plain awful and Rhett is no improvement. The shenanigans with the Beer only suited the local crowd but outside of that it really didn’t help the clusterfuck that this match was.
Grade: F+


4. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)  & Jay Lethal vs. S.C.U.M. (Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs & Rhino)

This 6-man tag was brings flashbacks of ECW when Corino & Rhino were a unit. It was all brawling left and right with The Briscoes leading the offense. Nothing here went out of sync and Rhino proved to be a great asset for S.C.U.M.
Grade: B-


5. BJ Whitmer vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy went full barrage on Whitmer giving him a huge load of offense. Whitmer played the Ricky Morton very well taking all the punishment. It was mostly one sided but it gave a good feel with Whitmer on the never say die attitude.
Grade: C+


Segment: After the match, Nigel & the officials came out to check on Whitmer who was very woozy. Hardy demanded a TV title shot since he defeated Cole.  Cole came out and confronted Hardy and told him to shut up. Hardy going full heel tries to go for a cheap shot but he was overwhelmed by Cole,


6. Davey Richards vs. Kyle O’Reilly

It’s the ole Mentor vs. Pupil match. You can see a lot of Davey in O’Reilly when it comes to conditioning, aggressiveness and arsenal. Fulfilling their craft and reputation as workhorses they went all at it giving stiff shots and bone crunching submissions.  The match was well put together; however, it dragged a little bit more than it should because the no-selling has its limits especially when both competitors are very similar in styles. Other than that it’s enjoyable for the most part.
Grade: B-


7. Defy or Deny Elimination Match
Kevin Steen vs. Michael Elgin vs. Roderick Strong vs. Eddie Edwards

The Defy or Deny rules are the following: Whomever Steen defeats will not get another title shot as long as he remains champion. If Elgin, Strong or Edwards win, they get a title shot. Everyone had something to gain and lose so no one held back and all for it. This was well put together and all four competitors are proven to be at the top of their game.
Grade: B+


Final Thoughts:

This wasn’t a solid show as as a whole. There were bits and pieces that were good and the rest bad. Imagine a burger, the buns are fresh, the meat was not that fresh and the salad and dressing were expired. Not a good follow up to the previous night’s show. I’d pass on this show in favor for Hunt for the Gold if I were you.

Verdict: 6.5/10

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1. BJ Whitmer & Rhett Titus vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

Both teams were in sync and delivered a good performance to star the year 2013. Titus & Whitmer don’t really mesh that well but their expertise in tag teams overcame the mismatch.
Grade: C+


2. Jay Lethal vs. Steve Corino

Lethal has been on a rampage and wants S.C.U,M. after what they did to him. Perfect choice of an opponent on this occasion. It was short and sweet. Corino has all the tools to make Lethal look good and that’s how it went.
Grade: C


3. Roderick Strong vs. Silas Young

This match was quite intense at times with the big man Young trying to get Roddy’s respect. It went back and forth and gave Young a good reaction to the crowd. Young has a lot of potential but is never a mainstay anywhere he goes but AAW, which is unfortunate because he could have been a great asset for years.
Grade: B-


4. ROH World Chamionship
Kevin Steen (c) vs. Tadarius Thomas

Up and comer Thomas gets the golden opportunity (pun intended) for the main title. Both delivered a pretty fun match that was only stained by a dead crowd. Other than that there is nothing wrong with this match and can be enjoyed by everyone.
Grade: B-


5. Charlie Haas vs. Trey Miguel and Brent Daniels

Originally it was Miguel vs. Daniels but Haas gave them an ass-whipping which ended up in this impromptu handicap match. Unfortunately, Only a dropkick was the sole offense given by the duo against the angry veteran.
Grade: DUD


6. Proving Ground Match
Adam Cole vs. Jimmy Jacobs

It’s Jacobs turn for a proving ground as if either he wins or survives the time limit he gets a shot at  Cole’s TV title. My God, these two are great performers but never I would expect this match to steal the show. Both were fantastic giving hard blows to each other plus outsmarting themselves trying to get the W. I was blown away with this match as much as I did with Cole vs. Richards.
Grade: B+


7. Michael Elgin vs. Rhino

The two powerhouses in ROH collide once again. Rhino has the home turf advantage which is a nice touch. This was a  much better performance than their previous match from Survival from the Fittest. Both delivered the power, the agility and the psychology to get the crowd going.
Grade: B-


8. ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (c) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

These two teams are no strangers to each other as they’ve been at war for the entire year of 2009. Now 4 years later and all four of them have come a long way and are now more dangerous than ever. There isn’t really much to say as to what happened as they never had a bad match. Both gave a stellar performance to conclude the first show of 2013.
Grade: B+


Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed this show pretty much. It was a bit slow at first but then it picked up pretty well. Definitely a good start for the new year. My only dilemma is that for it being the first show it didn’t have the new year/new direction feel and it felt more like it was during mid 2012. A very good house show but it’s definitely not a big time show which is perfectly fine.

Grade: 7.75/10

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