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1. The Fabulous Rougeau Bros. (Jacques & Raymond Rougeau) w/Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers ( Luke & Butch)

Family friendly tag team match with the majority of the offense given by the heels. Decent opener nonetheless.
Grade: C-


2. The Genius vs. Brutus Beefcake

Just a classic heel manager vs. babyface opponent that was only used for a storyline and contributed nothing in ring wise. Entertaining yes; good wrestling, not so much.Grade: D-


3. Submission Match
Greg Valentine w/Jimmy Hart vs. Ronnie Garvin

I strongly believe this was their best feud in their WWF careers. Garvin is very old school and Valentine has the background to complement his style. Really good performance by both competitors.
Grade: B


Segment: The Brother Love Show – w/Sapphire & Queen Sherri
Amongst the feud between Dusty Rhodes & Randy Savage, their valets have been very vocal about each other and were invited to the show to go more in depth. Nothing special was provided here and it only served as an attraction to keep their feud alive.


4. Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. The Big Bossman w/Slick
Average match at best. The only thing noteworthy here is that Bossman was only a few weeks away from his rise to stardom in the WWF.
Grade: C-


5. Royal Rumble Match
Participants: Ted Dibiase, Koko B Ware, Marty Janetty, Jake the Snake Roberts, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, The Warlord, Bret Hart, Bad News Brown, Dusty Rhodes, Andre the Giant, The Red Rooster, Ax, Haku, Smash, Akeem, Jimmy Snuka, Dino Bravo, Earthquake, Jim Neidhart, The Ultimate Warrior, Rick Martel, Tito Santana, The Honky Tonk Man, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, The Barbarian, Rick Rude, Hercules & Mr. Perfect

This rumble was more star powered in comparison to the last one. Good moments here with crowd eating every minute of it. Fun match.
Grade: B+


Final Thoughts:

Starting with this Rumble, the event became more important in the WWF’s strategy of attractions. The actual Rumble match was like I said more star powered and it slowly began to form the mold of the ultimate #1 contendership match. This will go in history books as the only rumble to be won by the World Champion which was nice for this occasion but thankfully history didn’t repeat itself in the following years.

Verdict: 7/10


1. Power & Glory w/ Slick vs. The Rockers

Two lost souls within the WWF, Paul Roma & Hercules, formed a tag team to get themselves out of the shelves. The match was scarred over an injury Michaels had for a while now and made it into a handicap match. As for the rest, go figure.
Grade: D+


2. Intercontinental Championship
Mr. Perfect (c) vs. Texas Tornado

Beefcake once again drops out of a SummerSlam match, another IC title nonetheless, this time a para sailing accident. Kerry Von Erich in the Tornado gimmick was very awkward but well received. Very short match that meant nothing considering the amount of talent in the bout.
Grade: D+


3. Sapphire vs. The Sensational Sherri

Sappire MIA
Grade: DUD


4. Tito Santana vs. The Warlord w/ Slick

Another short match for the collection.
Grade: D-


5. Tag Team Championship
2 out of 3 Falls

Demolition (c) vs. The Hart Foundation

At this point, Demolition added a new member in Crush, who would take over for an unhealthy Ax and defend the tag titles under the Freebird rule. This match was the highlight of the the whole card. These 2 out of 3 falls never cease disappoint. The Hart’s selling was gold, especially on Bret’s part. Great match that raised Bret’s stock for a singles push in the near future.
Grade: A-


6. Jake The Snake Roberts vs. Bad News Brown (Special Referee: Big Boss Man)

Nothing special here. Jake was in full addiction at this time and Brown was on his way out. Boss Man was the cosmetic effect for his angle with Brown.
Grade: D


The Brother Love Show w/ Sgt. Slaughter
Slaughter was in baby steps becoming the most hated superstar in the WWE. Nothing outstanding but solid promo by Slaughter.


7. Jim Duggan & Nikolai Volkoff vs. The Orient Express w/Mr. Fuji

Nikolai Volkoff, who was one of the most despised wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation for being a Soviet Union sympathizer, had a change of heart and joined pro american Jim Duggan in appreciating the USA. That’s the story pretty much. As for the match, just like any real life war, a total mess.
Grade: F


8. Randy Savage w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes

These two have been feuding all year and have yet to pull a great match. This one didn’t help. Ted Dibiase, who went on to feud with Rhodes afterwards pulled the trigger to end this feud and start their own. Dusty was on his last days in the WWF but someone who came from the opposition he was heavily pushed as one of the top babyfaces in the company.
Grade: D


9. Hulk Hogan w/ Big Boss Man vs. Earthquake w/ Dino Bravo & Jimmy Hart

A typical Hogan match would involve Hogan getting the major offense or getting shorthanded and no sell the big moves to a miracle comeback. This one was very different, Hogan was getting pounded like a rag doll all over by a monster. Fun match.
Grade: C-


10. WWF Championship
         Steel Cage Match
Ultimate Warrior (c) vs. Ravishing Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan

A rematch from the previous SummerSlam, this time in a cage. The match was fun for the right reasons but it dragged a lot. Warrior destroyed Rude in the most brutal of ways and didn’t even looked phased but since it was their last encounter it was understandable. Rude got a lot of offense their and gave a good performance.
Grade: B-

In conclusion, the strategy of putting many stars in a single card has clearly blew up on McMahon’s face. You can tell with this event and the previous ones that the main reason it suffers is the amount of matches stuffed in a 3 hour program. Still better than the first SS but it didn’t surpass the second one. Of course there are highlights that still last till this day so for what it’s worth it was a good event.

Verdict: 5/10