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1. Rey Mysterio, Paul London & Billy Kidman vs. The Dudleyz

After many years of abuse and hatred, Spike Dudley reunites with his brothers Bubba Ray & D-Von and becomes the leader of the pack. In the process he turn his back on his Cruiserweight division comrades that eventually leads off to this match. It wasn’t that bad, each had their moment of dominance and the Dudleyz playing the ultra heels are very fun to watch.
Grade: C

2. Till Death Do Us Part Match – Lita Marries the Winner
Matt Hardy vs. Kane

Matt Hardy & Lita, have been known for years to be a couple and happiness was at an all time high for them. Until, Kane suddenly took an interest over Lita and intimidates her into being with him and all of a sudden she turns out pregnant, YIKES’s. Anyways, the winner as stipulated above would marry Lita in holy matrimony. Regarding the match itself, apart from the storyline, this felt like a TV match where there wasn’t that much action that can stand out. Pure stinker.
Grade: D


3. United States Championship
Match 1 out of Best of 5
Booker T (c) vs. John Cena

John Cena and Booker T have become rivals over the US title and new assigned SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long, decided that their rivalry will be contested in a Best of 5 series and the winner would get the gold. With that aside, this match was a prequel of Cena’s future, getting his ass kicked throughout the whole match with the Superman comeback. This was even worst than the previous match.
Grade: F


4. Intercontinental Championship
Edge (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Batista

This was a filler, no storyline, no rivalry, nothing. Also it felt way too rushed so it can build something from it since all three of them weren’t exactly doing a thing anyways. Honestly, it wasn’t too bad but yet it could have done more, especially with mediocre first half.
Grade: C-


5. Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero

This is a WrestleMania XX re-match where it’s clear that Angle is still bitter about losing to Guerrero. He cost Guerrero the WWE Championship at the Great American Bash. So there is bad blood between the superstars. This was a pretty good match but isn’t as keen as their Mania match. Angle was determined to get what was rightfully his while Guerrero is fighting for his life and prove that he wasn’t a fluke. Good Match!
Grade: B-


6. Triple H w/ Ric Flair vs. Eugene

Eugene declares Triple H as his favorite wrestler. Trips sees it as a way of opportunity and uses Eugene to do his bidding and help him regain the World Heavyweight title. Unfortunately, Eugene fails and costs Trips the match and pays the price for it by getting receiving a pounding by Evolution. Trips for the first time in years is not in a big match on a PPV. With that being said, it was quite a stinker but it’s not the worst match of the night by far. It had it’s moments, mostly on Eugene’s behalf with his mentally challenged mind mimicking his childhood Hero’s. Other than that it’s not worth of a replay value.
Grade: C-


Diva Dodgeball
Team Dream (Joy Giovanni, Amy Webber, Tracie Wright, Maria Kanellis, Christy Hemme & Michelle McCool) vs. Team Diva (Victoria, Jazz, Molly Holly, Gail Kim, Nidia & Stacy Keibler)

There’s a reason why I didn’t give the “match” a number. It’s a segment for christ sakes. Not even dignified for a DUD.

7. WWE Championship
John Bradshaw Layfield (c) vs. The Undertaker

If was given the choice of predicting the future 5 years from now back in 1999, I would never in a million years say that Taker would face one of his Ministry of Darkness minions. Many things can happen in five years and JBL proved that by coming a long way since the Ministry and is now the WWE Champion. The Undertaker has gone through a rejuvenation as he once again is the Lord of Darkness and is now more keen than ever to make everyone Rest in Peace. With that being said, it was a huge brawl that at times made me twitch due to the stiffness. Other than that, Taker can’t just seem to catch a break on a SummerSlam match. The ending was appalling to make matters worst.
Grade: D+


8. World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Randy Orton

For the second year in a row, Randy Orton headlines SummerSlam in his tender 2 year WWE career. Chris Benoit has reached the brass ring after an 18 year Odyssey. The match went pretty slow to being with but then it picked off and never slowed down. Orton was still in proving ground as a top notch performer but he was polished enough to last with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Say what you wanna say about this match but was really good to deny.
Grade: A-


Special Features:

Summer Games Promos : Many SummerSlam promos of superstars parodying olympic events. Funny Stuff!

Sunday Night Heat: The pre-show of PPV’s that has exclusive interviews and match.

Rob Van Dam vs. René Duprée – C

Exclusive Extras: Never Befor Seen Backstage Segments that include Eddie Guerrero talking to Chris Benoit, Evolution’s reaction to Orton’s Match and others.


In conclusion, it was a mediocre event that really could have done a lot more than it did. It had two great matches but the rest is just appalling and too bitter to swallow. As a matter of fact, this was not even a great show as opposed to the not so good wrestling matches but great show of the first SummerSlams in the late 80’s. Simply Unacceptable.

Verdict: 6/10