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1. Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Kofi Kingston

Dolph as said before is improving his craft slowly but surely. Kofi is very talented but he’ll forever be exiled from the bigger roles with his gimmick. OK opener but it felt more like a filler than anything.
Grade: C-


2. Divas Championship
Alicia Fox (c) vs. Melina

No offense to the Divas but if they actually want some respect they have to go the extra mile.
Grade: D-


3. The Big Show vs. The Straight Edge Society

Seeing three different talents in the likes of CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Joey Matthews work with the Big Show is quite interesting. Show looked extremely good here combating all members. Decent Match
Grade: C


4. WWE Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton

Stipulation has it that if anyone interferes they will be suspended indefinitely and if Orton loses, he’s not getting a rematch. Sheamus has be causing waves in WWE, he became a world champion in 2 months on the main roster and has since been on a mean streak and also a 2-time WWE Champion. Orton has already gained everyone’s respect after having a phenomenal year in 2009 and is now on a solo journey to immortality. This was quite disappointing depsite the talent involved. It had it’s moments but the WWE Championship is suppose to be the brass ring everyone wants and has to work their assess off to at least get a taste of it. Total waste.
Grade: D+


5. World Heavyweight Championship
Kane (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

After many years in the company and numerous failed attempts at becoming a world champion again, Kane finally did it. Rey Mysterio is invoking his rematch clause as he lost the title to Kane a month prior. Not a good match at all. Rey & Kane obviously are burned out and need some time to get themselves back together, especially for their age.
Grade: C-


6. Elimination Tag Team Match
Team WWE (John Cena, John Morrison, Edge, Chris Jericho, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan & Bret Hart) vs. The Nexus (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Darren Young, Michael Tarver & Skip Sheffield)

Where should I start?  Early in 2010 WWE eliminated the ECW brand and created a new concept called NXT where aspiring wrestlers would be guided by a WWE superstar in a reality based show where there would be eliminations and the winner of it will be a WWE superstar. After that was set and done for, the winner of NXT, Wade Barrett recruited his fellow contestants and formed a group called the Nexus. There was a lot of controversy with their first move as a unit and it eventually got member Daniel Bryan fired. The group moved on without him and made their presence notice wherever they went. Eventually enemies formed an alliance to combat this new threat, even Hall of Famer Bret Hart, who let bygones be bygones, wanted a piece of the action and Daniel Bryan after having a small crusade in the indies returned to face his former comrades. This was a total blast. The Nexus unit has to be one of the best ideas WWE has came up with in recent years, this was a huge opportunity for these young stallions to get a rub from the veterans so they can capitalize on the situation. Everyone performed there roles perfectly. Must see.
Grade: B+


Special Feature:

Josh Matthews Interviews Daniel Bryan – Self explanatory.


In conclusion, it was an ok event where the whole event was highlighted by one faction. Honestly it is understandable that the main angle in WWE is the Nexus but it also affected the rest of the match card. Surprisingly ok event despite being only 6 matches.

Verdict: 6.5/10