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New Jack & Balls Mahoney are definitely no strangers to the word, controversy. Both ECW alumnus has been involved in numerous amount of controversial events throughout their wrestling careers and early this year, these two were on the receiving end of one each others mouths along with various claims from New Jack regarding Balls Mahoney’s lifestyle to which the Chair-Swinging Freak didn’t hesitate to fire back and defend his pride. Eventually this so called dislike for each other turned into hatred in a show where both participated and they went up to blows. Now after months of animosity and 2 shoot interviews later, Rob Feinstein managed to have both Jack & Balls at the same time in the RF Video’s fourteenth edition of their famous Face Off.

Before the shoot beings, Rob Feinstein addresses the viewers that considering the sensitivity and seriousness of this subject, the interview will take place in a secret location along with a police officer doing security just in case things get out of hand, per request of Balls Mahoney. Jack shows up first and he’s not alone to which Rob wasn’t happy about. All four men were searched much to Jack’s dismay and to the humor of Rob, the cop took out a machete from Jack’s back. Jack then cuts a promo addressing that this isn’t a work and mentions the stipulation of the interview that if things get out of hand, neither gets paid, so Jack promises a free show. Eventually Balls shows up and is clearly in a foul mood and immediately starts rambling about his history with Jack and how he feels he should not be there and gets searched by security and immediately the interview starts.

Things got rough right from the start, especially on New Jack’s part, both immediately stood up from their chairs and started exchanging insults in each others faces. Jack being provocative wanted Balls to hit him so bad but Mahoney didn’t play Jack’s mind games which infuriated him and pulled out a pepper spray disguised as a key chain.What a Pussy. After both calmed down Rob asked them a few questions and it right up again they got up and went on to breathe on each others neck.

Both eventually agreed to not cut off each other and talked about how they met and how was their relationship over the years hailing back from Smokey Mountain Wrestling to ECW to indies. New Jack comes clean and explains how all this started and why was he harassing Balls over the situation that started that was disclosed on previous New Jack and Balls Mahoney shoots. Immediately afterwards, more arguing began and both stood up and starting cursing each other.

The incident at the Extreme Rising show where Balls and Jack got at it and scuffled was brought in and both gave their versions of the story and eventually Jack brought in friend and wrestler Ahtu who was present during the scuffle for an impartial point of view. In all in all the real reason why this all started was brought into light and both calmed down immediately after and were very cooperative afterwards. To conclude the interview Rob called for a truce and both hesitated a bit but they put down the flames.


Bonus Matches:

The interview was quite short so to fill in the gap they inserted some matches and they are the following with their respective date and grade.

1. Balls Mahoney vs. New Jack (April 24, 1999) – DUD (Awesome ECW moments though)

2. Balls Mahoney vs. New Jack (January 18, 1997) – F

3. Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten vs. New Jack & Kronus (October 11, 1997) – DUD (The entertainment value  would make it an A)


Final Thoughts:

I’ll be completely honest with you, to me this whole interview was all a fiasco to get easy money. The warning of this is not scripted was very repetitive and knowing the wrestling business well it can only mean one thing, it’s pre-determined. The people involved didn’t need a script to say what they had to say and we all know that so they could have easily followed someone’s lead. Now I’m not saying that their beef isn’t real because it is real but this Face Off was just capitalizing on the situation. And to be even more blunt and honest, this whole beef is stupid and it’s like one of those scuffles that you have with a sibling or a best friend that it can get intense but when you realize at the end it’s all stupid. This interview felt like a segment of  a Jerry Springer/Geraldo Rivera Show with both Jack & Balls breathing down each others neck’s and standing up milking a fist fight that never came about. I sincerely do not recommend this DVD at all to anyone regardless if you’re a fan of both because you’ll most probably be disappointed.

Verdict: 2/10

You can get this shoot and many more at RF VIDEO.


*NOTE* I want to give out the most sincerest of apologies for the inactivity that has been happening over a month now. There comes a time where you have too much responsibilities in your hands. As an old saying goes; In order to gain you must sacrifice. I made the decision to temporarily sacrifice Dimension Ω in order to fulfill other duties to be able to dedicate myself entirely to this pet project. I don’t have many followers but I do know that there are a handful of them out there asking me when will I be back with more reviews. Fellas, the time is now. I would like to thank everyone who has visited this site and took their precious time to read and enjoy my reviews.

Eddie Kingston has been around the indies for about 10 years or so and has pretty much wrestled everywhere nationwide with the exception of the WWE & TNA. Mainly wrestled in Chikara, CZW & IWA-Mid South, Kingston has been a major player in each promotion’s respective boom period. Very passionate of the business, Kingston puts his heart and soul into his matches and promos. Kingston talks for what I believe the first time of his career in this shoot that took place in 2008.

The interview starts with the usual topic of growing up on wrestling to which Kingston immediately points out ECW, New Japan & All Japan as his favorites. Next discussion is his first formal training in New York under Kevin Knight where he met Blackjack Marciano, DJ Skittlez and brothers Jigsaw & Jolly Roger, which I wasn’t aware of till now. Things weren’t going well and Kingston’s words were everything but shy regarding Knight and his methods. The four kids moved on from Knight and decided to get rent out their own ring and got Marty Jannetty for further training.

Kingston discusses on their first exposure to the Chikara wrestling school and how they all started along with a funny story regarding forgetting all the moves he learned while training there. He compares both schools and their ups and downs along with comparing both Knight & Quackenbush as trainers. He also discusses on the locker etiquette and shares a story on how much heat he got for constantly not following the proper etiquette. Kingston mentions the Chikara class graduates in which he was part of the second one along with Jigsaw, Gran Akuma, Blackjack Marciano, Bryce Remsburg & DJ Skittles. Kingston tells a hilarious story regarding his first match outside of Chikara which took place in NWA Cyberspace in which every participant botched four spots in a row. He praises Quack for helping them out taking them to wrestling shows and perform in order to get their experience elevated. Eventually he along with the other first class graduates currently do the same nowadays with the younger talent.

IWA-Mid South comes into the conversation and Eddie explained how he got there thanks to his best friend Bryce Remsburg and Chris Hero. Kingston shares his first experience in Mid South with a funny story on Necro Butcher, who was the booker at the time. He also shares funny stories and gives his thoughts on fellow wrestlers Nate Webb, Corporal Robinson, BJ Whitmer, Ian Rotten, Dave Prazak and more.

Up next is CZW and almost immediately Kingston compares it with IWA-Mid South being the exact opposite of the family friendly atmosphere in the Mid-South. He’s also not shy at calling CZW the inferior product to Chikara and MS. Immediately the interviewer who is Mike Burns, former CZW booker and owner of Smart Mark Video, mentions Trent Acid to Kingston which Eddie laughed and tells this interesting story regarding Acid and an angle he was part of in CZW in which he was fired. Kingston did a legit shoot on him over a misunderstanding which elevated the tension even more. A major highlight in Kingston’s career was being a member of the infamous BLK OUT stable in CZW. Kingston and openly talks about the stable and what were the original plans for him in BLK OUT that never got to happen. Also the uneasy relationship between him and owner John Zandig was elaborated in it’s entirety with some red hot conversations between both. He also mentions how uncomfortable he felt in the locker room as an unwelcome guest by the CZW regulars. Eddie tells a very interesting story regarding a match he had at Tournament of Death 4 with John Zandig which I will say is a must listen.

Another major highlight in Kingston’s CZW career was being part of the famous ROH vs. CZW invasion angle that took place a large portion of 2006. Kingston gives his honest opinion on the angle and dissects both Gabe Sapolsky’s and John Zandig’s versions of the angle and tells right off the bat who’s was better. Also gives an amazing analogy how that angle made ROH what it is today regarding the talent involved who eventually became regulars.

The final part of the interview is potpourri with many random topics such as road stories, booking, payday, Super Dragon being black, etc.

In these Best of the Indies releases apart from the interview  there are select matches that highlight some of the best moments of the wrestler’s career and in this release they are the following with their respective date and grade.

  1. The Wild Cards & Jigsaw vs. Mike Quackenbush & F.I.S.T. (Chikara 5/22/04) – B-
  2. Eddie Kingston vs. Jolly Roger (Chikara 7/10/04) – C+
  3. The Wild Cards vs. Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick (IWC 7/17/04) – C+
  4. Eddie Kingston vs. Super Dragon (IWA-MS 10/22/04) – C-
  5. B-Boy & Homicide vs. The Wild Cards (IWA-MS 10/23/04) – B-
  6. Texas Death Match: Ian Rotten vs. Eddie Kingston (IWA-MS 6/3/05) – C-
  7. Fans Bring The Weapons: Zandig vs. Eddie Kingston & Robbie Mireno (CZW 7/30/05) – B-
  8. Super Dragon vs. Eddie Kingston (CZW 9/10/05) – B-
  9. Gran Akuma vs. Eddie Kingston (Chikara 9/16/05) – B-
  10. Arik Cannon vs. Eddie Kingston (Chikara 5/26/06) – B-
  11. Larry Sweeney vs. Eddie Kingston (Chikara 8/20/06) – C
  12. Eddie Kingston vs. Necro Butcher (CZW 10/14/06) – C-
  13. Eddie Kingston vs. Brandon Thomaselli (IWA-MS 10/21/06) – B-
  14. Strap Match: Larry Sweeney vs. Eddie Kingston (Chikara 11/18/06) – C+
  15. Eddie Kingston vs. Drake Younger (IWA-MS 11/24/06) – B-
  16.  Samoa Joe vs. Eddie Kingston (FSM 3/17/07) – B
  17. Eddie Kingston vs. Jigsaw (CWE 4/15/07) – B-
  18.  Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Eddie Kingston (IWA-MS 5/12/07) – C
  19. Eddie Kingston vs. Tim Donst (Chikara 7/21/07) – C
  20. Eddie Kingston vs. Ricochet (Chikara 8/5/07) – D
  21. Barbed Wire Boards – Eddie Kingston vs. Mad Man Pondo (IWA-EC 8/8/07) – D-
  22. Eddie Kingston vs. Human Tornado (IWA-MS 9/28/07) – B
  23. No DQ, Last Man Standing: Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston (IWA-MS 9/29/07) – B+
  24. Falls Count Anywhere: Eddie Kingston vs. Hallowicked (Chikara 11/18/07) – B


Final Thoughts:

I gotta hand it to Smart Mark, they truly give out a high quality product both cosmetic wise and entertainment wise. My first exposure to this series was the Chris Hero interview and I was blown away and I had to get more. Kingston was instrumental piece in Chikara, CZW and IWA-Midsouth so I knew I had to get it and I was not disappointed one bit with the 84 minute interview. The guy has a no mercy attitude that makes him one of the most blunt human beings you could possibly meet. You can easily tell that he’s very passionate about the business and all he wants is to live his dream being part of the sport he loves and doesn’t care about the spotlight. The match selection is quite variable and  this is only the early years of his career so all in all this is just a small portion of this man’s legacy in the sport of professional wrestling. I definitely give this set a solid recommendation to those who are east coast wrestling fans and new fans alike who want to learn more about independent wrestling.

Verdict: 9/10

You can get this on DVD and many more at Smart Mark Video.

For those that might have been paying attention, this is my 100th post/review and it’s also been three months since I started this pet project that has been my therapy and to commemorate this little achievement by your’s truly, let’s me present you another RF Video shoot since it’s been a while since I did the last one and so far have come to be my favorite reviews.

Balls Mahoney is recognized as one of the craziest competitors in professional wrestling. From ECW fame, Balls has been notable for using the chair as his weapon of choice and is not afraid to use fire in his matches. Lately he has been in the middle of controversy, mostly by New Jack’s words, regarding him exchanging blood with women and wrestling under the influence of heroin. Balls comes to RF Video for the third time to address these issues and extract other demons out of his chest.

This interview kicks off with possibly with the most unusual of rambles from Chair-Swinging Freak. Without being asked a single question, Balls just goes ballistic and talks about internet rumors regarding him, politics, Gathering of the Juggalos, promoters who have fucked him over, a crazy rat story that I don’t think he even knows where it came from.

Balls addresses the first line of controversy, it starts with UXW promoter Frank Goodman. The controversy involves Mahoney going to a hotel room sleeping with a handicapped man’s woman. Rumor had it he drank the girl’s blood and starting writing the room walls with their blood. Balls justifies the accusation by saying he had a few drinks and well all hell broke loose. He also says it’s not his fault and that it’s Frank Goodman’s responsibility to take care of the room. REALLY!?

Following suit from Goodman, New Jack comes up in the conversation as apparently Goodman informed Jack about the incident and since then Jack has been calling out Mahoney from just about everywhere from facebook to shoot interviews. Mahoney claims that he and Jack were always cool and that they known each other for over 20 years since Smokey Mountain Wrestling and that over that him having beef with Jack over this incident that had absolutely nothing to do with him is just preposterous. Eventually this all escalated to a bigger incident in which Balls & Jack had a fight in the locker room during an ECW reunion show and Jack beat up Mahoney. Mahoney addresses this and also goes on to say that Jack is a lucky man cause he could have used the gun he had in his pocket to kill him but he didn’t for their friendship. WOW. He even goes to say that if they ever meet again, there’s gonna be a murder or at least an assault charge, Yikes!

Another controversy hits up and it involves him puking during a match with Marty Jannetty after a chair shot to the head. Balls explains that he suffered multiple concussion’s from his extensive career and only if he’s hit in the back of his head it’s where he receives damage. To justify this claim he mentions other moments where this has happened including in WWE. One thing he points out that I find very interesting is that he’s a puker, self explanatory. He mentions that many individuals usually die in their sleep because they keep all that stuff inside of you instead of throwing it up. He goes on to say that if Louie Spicolli had thrown up hours before, he would still be alive and didn’t suffer from choking of his own vomit.

Balls talks about drugs and goes on record to say that he doesn’t have any and openly gives his opinion on rehab. With this topic in subject, he opens is mouth to show that there are no teeth but infected roots and claims that is due to the liquid substance he used to spit out of his mouth to launch fire. He also expresses his love for weed.

The blood sharing is also discussed. Balls openly talks about sharing and drinking other’s blood and what significance does it have. Also  his views on satanism and religion. After all of this he goes on to say that he distanced himself from all this stuff because he’s now dedicated to his family and wants his kid to grow up the right way and not be forced to do anything.

Aside from beefs that he’s had, he talks about wrestling experiences. The revival of ECW is heavily talked and how different it is from the old ECW. His experience with WWE stars and the big kahuna himself, Vince McMahon, who always wanted Balls to play as Xanta Klaus once again. He openly buries Sandman and tells a very interesting story regarding the ECW alumni being part of the third brand in WWE. From then on it’s all rambles.


Final Thoughts:

Balls is quite a unique character in his own right but is also clearly not there at times. One thing I can appreciate from him is his honesty in every sense of the word. His social and recreational activities are definitely shocking and disturbing but at least he’s not embarrassed by it nor lets it interfere with his work. One thing that disturbs me about him is that he tends to not take responsibility for is actions which is what New Jack has been accusing him for. Not that it’s my business nor anyone’s but he should be careful in what he does because it might reflect on his family if he doesn’t take precautions. Overall, I recommend this shoot only for fans of Balls Mahoney because he already has done shoots where he’s talked about his career and this is something a lot more personal.

Verdict: 6/10

You can get this shoot and many more at RF VIDEO.


Finlay has been involved in the professional wrestling business for over 30 years. Over the years he’s had success as a wrestler, trainer and road agent. Perhaps his most recognizable work was in the WWE where he personally trained some of today’s stars. Kayfabe Commentaries invites the Irish lad to go back to the year 2006, where he revived his wrestling career as a talent and playing a dual role as agent.

As going in time order, Finlay gives his thoughts on Juventud Guerrera’s release and talks about how much the company will tolerate one’s attitude. A very early and interesting story involves the use of the real name of the wrestler, it is a common practice for wrestlers to use pseudonyms as they’re portraying a fictional character and Finlay goes up to the littlest detail on why most wrestlers use pseudonyms instead of their real name. At the time, Smackdown was suffering the first of many World Title vacancies and Finlay gives his personal opinion on whether the title should have been vacated or have a quick title change. Being from Smackdown!, Finlay gives an analysis on both Raw & Smackdown! and tells why are they different from each other. Finlay talks about Heidenreich and what really happened that led to his release.

Finaly finally makes his debut on January 20th and gives full details about all the vignettes aired leading up to the debut and a full analysis of his characterization. The Boogeyman is discussed and Finaly gladly gives details about the whole thing since he was partially responsible for his creation. Locker room leadership is discussed and Finlay tells whether Undertaker is or isn’t the locker room leader as many fans claim. During the year, Tough Enough winner and OVW wrestler Matt Cappotelli was diagnosed with a tumor and was force to retire and also Hall of Famer Bob Orton jr. was released because of never disclosing he had hepatitis before bleeding on a few occasions in WWE. With that being said, Finlay discusses on the seriousness of one’s health within the wrestling business and what can be done to prevent tragedies such as the latter.

After the passing of Eddie Guerrero months prior, WWE implemented the Wellness Policy and Finlay discloses on the full procedure and gives his opinion it as a whole. Finlay gives his thoughts on Bobby Lashley and if he’s really as talented as WWE pushed him to be. Saturday Night Main Event made it’s return to television after 14 years and Finlay was on hand during the whole thing and gives his thoughts on the show and if it was a success or flop. Also the Hall of Fame was brought in and he also gives his thoughts on whether it’s fair or not with their inductees. WWE’s expansion is also discussed with their Film product and the launch of their first movie See No Evil. Finlay share one of his favorite matches of his career which was with Chris Benoit at that year’s edition of Judgment Day and talks more in-depth of the Benoit tragedy. Great Khali made his debut during the year and Finlay discusses whether Khali is worth the investment or not.

ECW made it’s return to wrestling and Finlay discusses how much of an impact the emergence of ECW affected the other two brands. Also compares the third brand with it’s original incarnation and whether it was better or not. Also an essential element in his latter career was his companion Horngswoggle and he openly discloses on how he found him and what was his relationship with the little man. Also current WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, made his formal talent debut on Smackdown! and Finlay tells a story regarding the young kid.

Finlay had a huge responsibility with the Diva division and Finlay talks about the girl’s passion to wrestle and whether they’re just more than eye candy. Two students of his during his days as trainer. Lita & Trish Stratus were hanging up their boots and Finlay tells how much of an impact they made for future Diva’s.  He also discusses on JBL’s transition from wrestler to commentator and what are the qualities a good announcer must have. MVP also made his WWE debut this year and Finlay was also on hand to work with him and gives his honest opinion on the gimmick and he made it work or the gimmick made him. Finlay openly and passionately discusses stories with his close friends William Regal & Dave Taylor, and how exciting it was for him that they were working together in WWE.

A good part of the interview was dedicated to the aftermath of the Eddie Guerrero tragedy. Finlay gives his opinion on whether WWE really used Guerrero’s death and exploitation as a cheap tactic to boost their ratings and product. Also discussed is whether Rey Mysterio really deserved the World Title or it was just a consolation prize as he was basically replacing Eddie Guerrero in the plans that were in store for him (REALLY INTERESTING DISCUSSION).


Final Thoughts:

Kayfabe Commentaries does it again and an excellent choice since Finlay worked  multiple roles within the company. This will be very interesting in the future as this was the Blue version (Smackdown!) of 2006 and eventually a Red version (Raw) will be released and we’ll get to fully see the different atmosphere from both brands. This is interview was highly educational for those who want to have an idea on what a Road Agent does in WWE and if it’s really a instrumental element in the success of the company. I recommend this DVD for this simple reason of it being the most recent look of the WWE atmosphere.

Verdict: 8.25/10

You can get this DVD and many more at Kayfabe Commentaries. KC titles are also available On-Demand  at WWNLIVE.

Originally this was going to be the Deluxe Edition; however I screwed up on the order and ordered this by accident but I decided to keep it since the main focus are the interviews. Eventually I’ll get the Deluxe Edition and review the matches.

Chris Hero has been a professional wrestler since 1998 and has competed in some of the biggest pro wrestling companies from all over the globe. Hero is a very competitive and passionate human being who thrives to be the best while also having fun in the process. This four disc set consists of two interviews done to Chris Hero in 2003 & 2011. There’s a lot to discuss here since this puppy runs up to almost 8 hours. Unbelievable!

The first interview involves Hero discussing his first approach into becoming a professional wrestler. Before being Chris Hero, he was The Wifebeater, taken after the popularity of the use of wifebeaters in the late 90’s. Hero discusses the huge controversy with the name and gives his thoughts on the other wrestler known as the Wifebeater.  Hero shares his experiences in his formal training with Les Thatcher in Ohio, Dory Funk in Florida & The Blue Bloods Wrestling Academy in Atlanta. He discusses the wrestling promotions he has worked for around the American Mid-East. Being a very honest individual, Hero says that IWA-Mid South is his favorite promotion and shares a few stories involving Ian Rotten, Bull Pain, CM Punk and others. Hero is no stranger in wrestling  overseas as he has done stints in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. In the process, he has had the privilege of training some European students, included in the group is his future tag partner and best friend, Claudio Castagnoli. Smart Mark threw a few names out Chris to give his thoughts & memories on such as Dylan Knight, Bull Pain, Mike Quackenbush, Tracy Smothers and more.

The second interview goes extremely in-depth with his career going from his start in IWA Mid-South till present time. The first topic discussed is his memories in IWA Mid-South and relationship with owner Ian Rottern. Still a student of the game, Hero talks about learning the sport along with CM Punk & Colt Cabana in their early days and shares his thoughts and experiences with both. Hero tells a few stories of being stiffed during matches with veterans like Bull Pain and 2 Cold Scorpio. He tells a lot of funny stories involving botched spots, fan interaction, even dead lobsters.

Chris tells his favorite matches with CM Punk and goes in-depth on some of the most memorable matches like their 90 minute match & their TLC match. Not everything was hopscotch & marbles with Punk as Hero openly discloses on the fallout they had with rough moments they had together including a legit shoot match. Following Punk, Hero discloses his feud with Arik Cannon and his eventual heel turn as he was frustrated with a huge losing streak. Hero shares his matches and memories with several people like student Trik Davis, Eddie Kingston, AJ Styles, Ian Rotten, Nate Webb & Dave Prazak. Believe it or not, this is only disc one of the set.

Disc two starts with Pennsylvania based promotion, Chikara. Having the privilege of being in the very first show, Hero discusses his initial approach to Mike Quackenbush and their immediate bond. After Chikara co-founder Reckless Youth leaves, Hero is approached by Quackenbush and becomes the head trainer of the Chikara Wrestle Factory. CZW’s wrestling school unified with the Wrestle Factory and that relationship was discussed. A lot of wrestlers like Larry Sweeney, Claudio Castagnoli, Jigsaw, Ultra Mantis Black, Crossbones, Danny Havoc, Hydra etc. were students under the guidance of Hero.

Wrestling wise, Hero discusses the dissolving of the Super Friends tag team with Quackenbush and the inception of the Kings of Wrestling with Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon. He discusses his favorite moments with Japanese sensation, Milano Collection AT, who was eager into learning the American wrestling style. Hero is very high on current Chikara wrestler’s Hallowicked and Jigsaw, who he considers them with unlimited potential. When Ultra Mantis Black  name is mentioned, he tells a very funny story on how he met UMB and their mutual love for Johnny Saint. Hero also gives his thought’s on Blackjack Marciano and reveals why he disappeared from professional wrestling. In addition to all these guys, Hero gives his thoughts on other Chikara wrestlers like Icarus, Frightmare, Gran Akuma, and others.

He honestly gives his opinion on the numerous gimmicks in Chikara and why they hold back certain wrestlers from progressing. Which leads him to thoroughly talk about Mike Quackenbush. He explains that Quack’s passion and devotion to Chikara can sometimes causes him to get on the wrong side of some wrestlers. There were many differences between Quack and him that led their eventual fallout. Hero considers british legend Johnny Saint as one of his idols. He shares the story of his approach to the wrestler and discusses the insane trip made to meet the legendary grappler. Hero also discloses on an incident he had with student Shane Storm which led to his departure of Chikara.

Next “League” as they would say it is none other than Combat Zone Wrestling. It all starts with an embarrassing story of Hero’s first approach to John Zandig. Hero explains his first memories of being in CZW were not too well and that got him a lot of heat with Ian Rotten, who was also in a heated legit shoot feud with John Zandig. Eventually all watered down and Hero got bigger opportunities in CZW and talks about great matches he had with Alex Shelley, B-Boy, Super Dragon, Homicide & Jimmy Jacobs. Not all was fun and games within the matches as Hero openly rips on one of CZW’s top talent and goes out of his way to bury the guy by all means. The combination of this and differences with the company led to his departure.

Disc three starts with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Hero was part of the early days of PWG where he debuted on the Tango & Cash Invitational participating in 2 night tournament to crown the inaugural PWG Tag Team Champions. He gives his thoughts on Super Dragon being a dick but also praises him for all the hard work he and Excalibur put on for PWG to keep going. Hero shares some stories meeting and wrestling for the first time guys like Davey Richards, Genki Horiguchi, El Generico, Scorpio Sky, Joey Ryan and others.

Perhaps his most memorable stint in PWG was when feuded with Human Tornado. Hero dissects this feud with every single detail on how it came about and what was the payoff for both wrestlers. Most notably a heel all his career, Hero playing babyface at this point of his career is quite awkward as he explains but it helped him to diversify his craft with the crowd. He also explains that this feud meant a lot time him as he managed to bring in three very close people in his personal life into the feud to spice things up and they were Eddie Kingston, Necro Butch & Claudio Castagnoli.

The payoff of this feud landed him with the PWG World Championship and enjoyed the longest reign as champion in the promotion’s history. Hero explains that it was pretty hard being champion and gives a great analogy on PWG’s direction and because of that he was constantly butting heads with the fans and had to get out of his way to get a babyface pop. In the process of the interview, Hero tells a very interesting story about his close friend Necro Butcher, on a falling out they had that led to legit shooting in the ring. Low-Ki is also brought into the subject and Hero explains some tension they had back in the day where Low-Ki accused Hero of stealing his double stomp and that all simmered into PWG where Ki was brought in and feuded with Hero that also led to legit shooting in the ring. Ironically, Hero would face Ki, Necro & Eddie Kingston, who Hero had fist fights in the past with, in a Fatal 4 Way to his misery. If that bad news didn’t end there, Hero explains the incidents that followed after the match which are worth listening to. Hero perhaps is responsible for the sky-high rise of Japanese wrestler Akira Tozawa, and discusses what happened that made their match at BOLA 2010 that special.

Next promotion up in the conversation is Ring of Honor. Initially it was a one time deal in which he got over then ROH World Champion, Bryan Danielson, however with Hero’s amazing charisma he gave a speech about CZW being better and that was the inception of the ROH vs. CZW invasion. For the most part of 2006. Hero led the pack of CZW wrestlers and trashed ROH shows constantly till they had their first encounter in ROH’s 100th show. Hero discloses everything of the feud and bringing in many CZW guys such as Eddie Kingston, Necro Butcher, Nate Webb, Super Dragon and others.

Hero discusses on how he was brought back to ROH on a regular basis to team with Claudio Castagnoli as the Kings of Wrestling. Hero confesses that his pairing with Claudio wasn’t very keen because at the time they were both experimenting new styles with each other. In a turn of events, Claudio was signed to WWE so the team was dissolved but in another turn of events he wasn’t called to report himself so he found himself back in ROH but Hero was paired with Larry Sweeney and his group called Sweet & Sour Inc. Hero happily opens up on the Sweet & Sour deal and all the skits they did  to get ROH trainee Bobby Dempsey into shape. Hero explains that in time, every intention of getting heat backfired and new at that point that he had to change his whole characterization and arsenal in order to continue on with his career and was gonna start with his upcoming tour in Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan.

Chris discloses on the creation of “That Young Knockout Kid” and what inspired him to pursue this gimmick with a hybrid of brawler & boxer. Once he made his way back from NOAH, ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky was fired by Ring of Honor and wrestler Adam Pearce was brought in as his replacement. Hero gives his honest opinion on the matter and talks on how the locker room reacted to the big change.    There was a lot of tension backstage after the big change and Hero was very vocal about and tried to take some sort of leadership in the back to try and make things work for everyone.

Disc four kicks off with ROH going on TV on a regular basis on HDnet. Hero shares his thoughts on the TV deal and what happened that his stock rised within ROH and becoming one of the top singles performers the promotion had at the time. In his new persona, Hero had matches with Jerry Lynn, KENTA, Bryan Danielson & even Lance Storm. He talks about how his theme song came about in a hip-hop concert.

Eventually he and Claudio cross paths with each other in 2009 and reformed their Kings of Wrestling Tag Team and never looked back since. Since they both come along way since their breakup 3 years prior, both were now one of the elite wrestlers in the independent scene, thus becoming the Tag Team in North America. Hero talks about every instant of their teaming facing the likes of The Briscoes, Motor City Machine Guns, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin and others. Also not only with Ring of Honor but they wrestled all over America and even got stints in Canada, England, Germany, Japan & Peru.

Up next on topic is the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Hero goes on to talk about Big Japan Pro Wrestling all thanks to Mad Man Pondo who got him booked for a small tour there. Then Pro Wrestling NOAH approached Hero and did a tour with them in 2007 and goes on to talk about his initial experience there. Eventually more tours with NOAH took place but perhaps the one that really was the stepping stone for him was in 2009. Hero explains that the match that finally got him over was with Go Shiozaki and dissects the match piece by piece. This tour coincided with the passing of Mitsuharu Misawa and Hero was right there in ringside where it all happened and talks about that night its entirety and the aftermath of the shocking incident.

Also on the list of promotions is Juggalo Championship Wrestling. Hero tells this hilarious story of traveling to Gathering of the Juggalos finding himself alongside with what he calls the most random gathering of wrestlers with the likes of Tommy Rich, Bob Armstrong, Ronnie Garvin, Masada, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Doug Gilbert, Booker T and others. He also shares his experience in the Gathering as a whole with the music and partying. Another hilarious story is the ride around town with many wrestlers that participated in the Gathering with Kamala being the main protagonist.

From then on is talking about wrestlers he looked up to as a kid, adult & wrestler. Guys like 1-2-3 Kid, Sid Vicious, Ultimate Warrior, Tatanka, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Toshiaki Kawada and many more covered by Hero as inspirations throughout his lifetime. Also some current wrestlers he follows on a regular basis were talked about such as Daniel Bryan, Motor City Machine Gun, Claudio Castagnoli, Kenny Omega others.


Final Thoughts:

WOW! 8 hours of non-stop rambling by Chris Hero. I’ve seen many shoot interview but this one is definitely the longest and I don’t see anyone topping this one, unless it’s Vince McMahon but we all know that’ll never happen. In both interviews, Chis Hero left absolutely nothing out and pretty much summed up his 13 year wrestling career in 8 hours. Which is very good if you look at it since we all know the man personally and professionally up to his final days in the indies. I’m pretty sure we won’t see another shoot interview of Chris Hero ever again unless he does one after his time with the WWE where he’s currently employed. Many will find this interview way too long and ridiculous but it covers up everything you can possibly think of. Now, considering how lengthy this interview is, I only recommend this to fans of Chris Hero and to those who are regular followers of the indie scene, otherwise you’ll be found lost in the shuffle trying to understand what is being discussed. I heavily give props to Smart Mark Video & Chris Hero for cooperating in this very well executed performance and not losing their pace throughout the whole process.

Verdict: 9.75/10

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